With a host of academics actively engaged in diverse and specialist research, we can offer access to experts in a number of subject areas to support your business needs, undertake research on your behalf, facilitate workshops or training and provide consultancy in various capacities.

Research, Development & Consultancy

The School is interconnected with the Education and Social Research Institute (ESRI) with strengths in theorised research and practical research that help to challenge existing thinking.

We are particularly proud of our expertise in critical qualitative research which helps to reveal the power of social expectations and suggest new ways developing support for children, families and communities. In addition we have strengths in developing grass roots activity and participation, also enabling and empowering community members to assess local needs and mobilise support for developing services.

Knowledge Transfer

Our ongoing local partnerships with Greater Manchester local authority support youth provision and early years services, local schools, such as Martenscroft Early Excellence Centre, St Mary’s Primary School and public spaces for learning, including the Clore Art Studio and Manchester City Art Gallery.

The School works in partnership with advocacy organisations who campaign for social justice and support children’s rights. These partnerships offer invaluable experiences for students and opportunities for information exchanges through seminars, conferences and consultancies. We are keen to develop research bids which will help to identify good practices, further develop services and support for children, young people and families and then share expertise with a wider audience. Examples of this are the Two Curious with local Nursery provision, Partispace, HEA employability research project, The Girls Course and The Black History Course.