Our research covers the impact of environmental change on species diversity, ecosystem services and biological conservation. It aims to tackle the effect of humans on our planet, and provide coping strategies to deal with the inevitable changes that take place.

The food we eat, the water we drink, the clean air we breathe and the fuel that powers our industries are all dwindling resources that we harvest from the natural world around us.

As human populations expand and natural areas are converted to farmland and cities, we lose the services that nature provided for free. Through the expansion of industry and international mobility, we see indirect effects of by‐products on the environment. With increasing urbanisation, new ecosystems with novel groups of species are appearing. These are 21st century issues that require new and world leading applied research to understand the impact of, and ultimately find a sustainable space for humanity on the globe.  

Our research centre is on a path to become a world leading partner in applied ecological and environmental research.  The Centre is in a unique position due to the global network of collaborations in place with a wide range of conservation organisations, government and policy bodies, charities, companies and academic institutions.

Research Groups

Urban Environments

Bringing together researchers studying issues relating to urban environments within geography, environmental science, environmental management, and ecology.

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Conservation Ecology and Environmental Biology

Focusing on the conservation of threatened species, the ecology and restoration of ecosystems and associated ecosystem services, and the study of animal behaviour both applied and fundamental, including social behaviour, locomotion, sensing behaviour, and communication.

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Environmental Microbiology

Studying all microbial life, including Archaea, Bacteria and eukaryotic microbes (Fungi, Protists, Algae).

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Environmental Change

This group investigates the natural and human drivers of environmental change, and the future impacts of these on our planet.

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Low carbon futures

Addressing UK targets to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, and the low carbon goals set by the city of Manchester.

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Our Expertise