Wednesday, 9 October 2019


The Crisis in the Education-Economy Relationship: What is to be Done?

Faculty of Education - Manchester Metropolitan University

ESRI Seminar Series 2019-20: Education in Uncertain Times

Presenter: - Hugh Lauder, Professor of Education and Political economy at University of Bath

This seminar will examine the theories that have guided government policy with respect to Higher Education: these are Human Capital (HCT) and Skill Bias technical Change Theories (SBTC). The theories are flawed and do not provide an accurate account of the education-economy relationship. The seminar will discuss the
theoretical, methodological and empirical problems and suggest that while, there has been some progress with SBTC, it cannot address the failure of demand for educated workers.

The focus of governments has been on the supply side and many commentators as well as policy makers continue to assume that this is the case. The demand side, where the problems lie is rarely considered. It will be noted that this is a problem in many countries.

In turn this suggests that the neo-liberal view that education should be seen as in the service of the economy offers a false prospectus, as it herds more students into a positional competition where few can ‘win’. Education should be seen as offering important advantages beyond getting a good job.

Faculty of Education
Manchester Metropolitan University
Brooks Building
53 Bonsall Street
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