Placement Requests

Manchester Metropolitan University cooperates with schools throughout the region to provide opportunities for teaching practice for its trainee teachers. This activity allows new teachers to gain a breadth of experience before they take on full classroom responsibility, and it allows experienced staff to help mould the next generation of education professionals.

We encourage schools to take part in our Placements programme, and this interactive application is a part of our efforts to enhance the programme, making it easier for schools to participate and making the whole operation more cost-effective, with knock-on effects for all concerned.

Using this system, you can see the subject areas in which we are looking to place our students, and the periods and duration of those placements. You are able to identify those areas in which you can offer placements and the numbers of students that your school can handle.

At Manchester Metropolitan University, our Placements staff will be better able to monitor the takeup and availability of placements. Communication will be more reliable and timely and the overall experience can be improved for all parties.

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