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Artscool 2015



Artscool is a school, college and university festival celebrating aspirations, achievement and creativity through the Arts. Since its re-launch in 2012, the festival has firmly established itself as a highlight in the school calendar for many, offering two weeks of high quality arts activity on MMU’s Cheshire campus. 

Aims of the Project


  • To raise aspirations across the spectrum of learning organisations; largely through vertical peer-to-peer working
  • To use science and literacy through the arts to engage and challenge
  • To contribute to the development of reading, writing and communication skills, through engagement in the arts and peer-to-peer and parental coaching and mentoring networks
  • To share and celebrate pupil work at all levels

Outcomes and Impacts

This year’s festival, which starts w/c 29 June will involve 700+ local primary and secondary pupils, as well as professional artists, MMU staff, students and Alumni. Funded by participating schools, as well as support from the Faculty of Cheshire and Education, the strength of Artscool is the partnership working it promotes both internally and externally.  

This year staff from Contemporary Arts, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies are contributing to the programme, whilst current students and recent graduates are delivering workshops in contemporary dance, vocal work, creative writing and drama. Additionally 30 x MMU students will be employed as ambassadors.

As well as workshops on campus the festival includes two gallery exhibitions of pupil’s work and an evening showcase event that attracts 150+ parents to the campus.  

For more information about previous Artscool festivals and a list of participating schools in 2015, visit