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Students and the Community

At Manchester Metropolitan University, we work hard to build good relationships with our local communities and we are committed to educating students on the values of being a good neighbour.

We regularly work with residents’ associations and local representatives to ensure our campuses and the surrounding areas are safe and friendly environments to live in.

Here are some of the ways we engage with our local communities and enable our students to make positive contributions:

Student volunteering

The Union at Manchester Metropolitan runs an online volunteering hub to help community organisations and charities to find student volunteers. So far this academic year (2017/18), over 400 students have registered to get involved.

MMU Sport also organise volunteering projects, with over 1,500 students currently registered to take part in opportunities. One of the most successful projects is Street 2 Feet, a homelessness football competition run in collaboration with the Union. The project focuses on using football to target disadvantaged youths and young people who are directly affected by homelessness.

The University are also a proud signatory of the Manchester Homelessness Charter, which brings people, organisations and businesses together with one shared vision – to end homelessness in Manchester.

Students can get involved in ending homelessness in Manchester by taking part in Big Change Ambassador training sessions, which are ran in partnership with the Big Change, a charity who seek to make a lasting impact by changing the way we give to homeless people.

Halls of Residence

The University’s Residential Life Team deliver campaigns to help prepare students when moving off-campus. The campaigns focus on student safety, environmental responsibility and respecting neighbours.

To encourage responsible drinking, the campaign ‘Alcohub’ is delivered throughout National Alcohol Awareness Week (13-19November). Alcohub highlights the importance of staying safe whilst drinking and raises the awareness of the impact of alcohol on the local community. 

The Residential Life Team also work with a number of organisations to encourage students to get involved in their local area. This year, students have provided over 300 hours of community support to Hulme Community Garden Centre.

The Union also supports student-led campaigns, one of the most successful being Light Up Fallowfield. This campaign helped raise issues of community safety and highlighted the need for better lighting and community policing to ensure the safety of all residents.

Environmental impact

As the UK’s Greenest University, we are committed to educating students on environmental and sustainability issues.

To help students recycle as much as possible, the University works with partners across Manchester on the award-winning Give It Don’t Bin It campaign, a student move-out and recycling initiative. At the end of term, students are encouraged to donate unwanted items for re-use or re-sale. Last year, more than £200,000 was raised for charity and almost 2,000kg of food items were donated from student residences.

Local partnerships

With the University of Manchester, we jointly fund Manchester Student Homes. Based in Fallowfield, the team includes a dedicated Off-campus Student Affairs Officer and two Community Interns. They support in promoting strong relations between students and the community, raise awareness of off-campus issues and help create the culture of being a good neighbour.

The Manchester Student Homes team leads on the ‘Halls to Home’ campaign; a programme of events, educational awareness campaigns and volunteering opportunities, which help educate students of their responsibilities while living as part of the local community.


The University are also members of the Student Strategy Partnership, which has representatives from the University of Manchester, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue.

The Student Strategy Partnership oversees the strategic direction of a number of key thematic policy areas, including - student housing, safety, noise, anti-social behaviour and environmental issues.

Student Code of Conduct

Our Student Code of Conduct outlines the behaviour expected of Manchester Metropolitan students in off-campus areas.

Students are expected to:

  • Help to support community relationships in the way that they conduct themselves in the surrounding area
  • Be considerate to their neighbours, especially in relation to noise levels and rubbish
  • Be considerate when they are parking close to the Manchester Metropolitan campus, so that they do not obstruct residents
  • Act within the law and not engage in activity or behaviour that is likely to bring the University into disrepute

We are committed to responding to student-related issues raised in the community. In partnership with the University of Manchester, we fund night-time patrols in specific neighbourhoods, which are delivered by Manchester City Council’s accredited security provider G4S. The role of the patrols is to professionally witness noise and anti-social behaviour, which then can be used as evidence by relevant officers in the City Council and in the universities.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns about student misconduct in the community, please get in touch:

Manchester Student Homes, Off-campus Student Affairs Officer

0161 275 0750

Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Out of Hours Team (to report noise until 4.30am)

0161 234 5004