Student Profiles

Meet some of our undergraduate students and alumni


“It’s hard to explain the joy of working with such talented, passionate and like-minded people on such an interesting project. "


From a young age, I was always taking machines apart to see how they work.

Although I couldn’t always put them back together again it helped me to realise my passion for engineering. The thing that impressed me most about Manchester Metropolitan University was the academic support that was available to students.

Manchester is also known as the best student city in the UK, and this coupled with the incredible facilities made it very easy for me to choose to study here. As an undergraduate student I had access to everything from 3D printers to milling machines, which helped to enhance my understanding of the theoretical knowledge gained in each unit.

The teaching here has been fantastic. The lecturers have a genuine interest in making sure that their students do well and learn something new, which is essential when you’re doing a technical course like Mechanical Engineering.

Being awarded a first class degree was really special for me. The course was difficult at times and I had also taken on a lot of extracurricular commitments, such as Formula Student, which made it that little bit harder. Having said that, if I was given the opportunity again I would do everything exactly the same.

The friendships and bonds that I developed with my Formula Student teammates are very rare and valuable. It’s hard to explain the joy of working with such talented, passionate and like-minded people on such an interesting project.

I was involved for all three years of my undergraduate degree and I wish it wasn’t coming to an end. I’ve also had the opportunity to go on a number of industry visits and to attend conferences in London where I was able to network with very knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals.

This really helped me to get my plans for the future in order. I hope to gain a couple of years’ experience in industry before returning to Manchester Met to do a Masters degree. My dream is to work at an esteemed automotive firm like Ferrari.

My advice to new students would be to take full advantage of all of the facilities and opportunities made available to you at Manchester Metropolitan. The knowledge you can gain is immense and it separates the students who are keen on expanding their horizons from those who just want a degree.”


"I’ve been strongly supported throughout the past four years at Manchester Met, and the ability to do a placement proved to be invaluable."

"I chose to study Automotive Engineering as I had a keen interest in cars and the automotive industry."

"My final year project was on The Effects of Modern Vehicle Technology on the Requirement for Engine Mounting Systems. I investigated the effects of engine mounting variants when fitted to different configurations of engines. I assessed the performance of newly developed engine mounting strategies against conventional types. The aim was then  to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability to vehicle types of those assessed."

"I’ve been strongly supported throughout the past four years here, and the ability to do a placement proved to be invaluable."


“In my final year I joined the Formula Student team, where I learned a great deal about my own engineering discipline and others too."

Adrian has held a long term fascination with electronics, and extols its importance in all areas of modern day life:

“I wanted to put myself at the forefront of this world-shaping field of engineering and so that directed my choice of course. And I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Manchester Metropolitan. The lecturers clearly knew their subjects in depth, and in my final year at university I joined the Formula Student team, where I learned a great deal about not only my own engineering discipline but others too. It was a very rewarding experience and through it I made some really good friends and contacts for the future.

“Faculty staff were always available when I needed assistance. They often arranged extra lessons and tutorials when required, especially close to the exam periods. The project mentors were very patient and keen to offer their guidance and input.”

Adrian embarked on a career with Siemens in Germany, taking up a position immediately after graduating. Siemens had visited Manchester Met in 2010 which prompted him to submit an application for a graduate role with the company:

“At my interview in January 2011 I had to deliver a presentation about the electrical transmission industry within the UK. A few weeks later I received a telephone call offering me a graduate position with the company starting in September 2011. Securing employment before graduating was fantastic and it enabled me to focus solely on my exams.

“The content of my course has provided me with the theoretical knowledge required to kick start my career here. Completing individual assignments and project work honed my independence and organisational skills. And doing group tasks and assignments strengthened my ability to work as part of a team which is paramount to most employers nowadays.”