While giving our students a solid grounding in the traditional core of the subject, our courses, taught by leading academics and creative writers, adopt a modern and innovative approach to the study of English.

They place their strongest emphasis on the study of literature, but also include creative writing and the study of film and other media.

The Department of English at Manchester Met is large and diverse, so whatever area of the subject you're passionate about, it's likely that you'll find an expert academic or creative writer who shares and will nurture that passion.

As well as our main Single Honours English degree, we offer a Single Honours Creative Writing degree, and Joint Honours degrees in English and American Literature, English and Creative Writing, English and Film, English and Multimedia Journalism, Film and Media Studies, English Degrees with a Foundation Year, and various combined honours degrees.

All strands of our degree programmes offer the opportunity to study abroad for a term.

Find out how out the experiences of the Department of English’s Undergraduates on our Student Profiles.

Find out about the people who could be teaching you on our Staff.

For more information on our courses visit the next Manchester Open Day. We hold Open Days in in June, October and November.

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