The Gothic Manchester Festival was once again reincarnated in October 2015. The festival included the one-day symposium What Lies Beneath. This year we turned to the Lovecraftian Gothic with an eclectic collection of entertaining, thought-provoking and occasionally downright disturbing events that shed light on the ‘weirdest’ side of Manchester!

The festival opened with a Gothic art exhibition entitled Crafting the Weird. We welcomed Weird fiction authors including the supremely talented M John Harrison in our annual Twisted Tales event, followed by ArA – a Goth club night in a church.

We witnessed mysterious games in the dark forgotten tunnels below the city streets and learnt how to hunt monsters ourselves with Cottonopolis Coglective. Authors and academics explored the horrific world that exists behind the surface of our lives at the What Lies Beneath one-day symposium.

We were delighted to house Hollywood horror legend and director Brian Yuzna to present a double bill of 80s horror films in collaboration with Grimm Up North. The Festival ended in our usual Gothic Manchester style with an esoteric pub quiz, this time all about the watery depths of the Lovecraftian mythos, and several squid ink cocktails, and we waved goodbye to our knitted Cthulhu horde.



Gothic Manchester Festival 2015

Gothic Studies