Gothic Manchester Festival 2017

This years topic is 'Gothic Styles'


After the great success of 2016's Gothic Manchester Festival on ‘The Gothic North’, we turned our attention to the topic of Gothic Style(s).

At the start of the 21st century, the Gothic is everywhere. Fiction and film, television and graphic novels - full of vampires, zombies and their hunters - have brought the Gothic into the mainstream.

As Victorian Gothic architecture looms large over cities such as Manchester, Goth fashion and music reference the mode whist enlivening our streets, bars, clubs and homes with new Gothic styles of their own.

2017’s Festival was full of such delights, offering everything from body-beautiful horror in The Neon Demon to real North West street style in a catwalk devoted to extraordinary goths and steampunks.  As usual, our thrilling series of events centred on a one-day conference of accessible papers delivered by an egalitarian mix of students, seasoned academics, experts and enthusiasts. 

The Gothic Manchester Festival is the strange offspring of The Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Met. The Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies' mission is to promote the study of the Gothic both nationally and internationally and to work across age ranges and levels of study – from sixth form to PhD and beyond. We aim to bring the dark delights of Gothic culture to a wider non-specialist audience.

The Gothic Manchester Festival would like to thank the following partners for their support:

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