The Horror Studies series from the University of Wales Press is the first series ever exclusively dedicated to the study of the genre in all its various manifestations.

The new series aims to explore the steady and ever-growing interest in Horror – from fiction to cinema and television, magazines to comics, and stretching to other forms of narrative texts such as video games or music. Horror Studies aims to raise the profile of Horror in the process of institutionalising its academic study by providing a publishing home for cutting-edge academic writing and by presenting introductions to key periods, figures and texts in the field. As an exciting new venture within UWP’s established Cultural Studies and Literary Criticism programme, Horror Studies will expand the field of interest in the dark, the macabre and the scary in both innovative and student-friendly ways.

Individual titles will ideally be:

Possible individual titles might explore:

The series is happy to consider doctoral dissertations that may be revised and developed into monographs.

Series editor: Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes, Manchester Metropolitan University

Editorial board:

UWP and the series editor are happy to receive proposals for possible monographs or collections. Please send initial expressions of interest to Xavier Aldana Reyes and/or Sarah Lewis. You may also request a proposal questionnaire from them. 

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