Letitia Jones

MA Creative Writing

“What I love most about Manchester is the people; they made this new city feel like my home.”

International student from the USA

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Rosa Methol

BA (Hons) English and Film

"I did a semester abroad in Graz, Austria for the second half of my second year and learnt German. I'm now planning to do a masters in American Literature and Culture at the Freiuniversität in Berlin."

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Jess Shaw

BA (Hons) English

"I would encourage you to take advantage of all the extra-curricular activities the University has available."

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Jacqueline Grima

MA Creative Writing

“My work with the Student Press Office has opened more doors than I could ever have imagined.”

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Francesca Gattuso

MA English Studies:

Double-degree with Manchester Met and The University of Milan

"...if you like literature, if you like developing your critical thinking, you are in the right place!"

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Ava MacPherson

BA (Hons) English & Creative Writing

"There isn’t anything I don’t like about my course. However, if I was to pick out one thing that I like the most, it would be the confidence and support that the staff show their students."

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Amie Richardson

BA (Hons) English

"I love all of the different opportunities that are available through the university and the connections you can make within the city. "

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Steven Murgatroyd

BA (Hons) English

“Believe in yourself and have confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will.”

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Shanta Everington

MA Creative Writing

"I loved the creative community that thrived at The Writing School at Manchester Met."

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Sarah Jasmon

MA Creative Writing

“Manchester has a vibrant spoken word scene and many excellent writers living in its environs.”

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Sarah James

MA Creative Writing

“I was introduced to great poets by enthusiastic tutors!”

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Ruth Fitzgerald

MA Creative Writing (for Children) - Distance learning

"The book I wrote as a mature student on the MA at Manchester Met secured my first contract with a publisher and launched my writing career"

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Phil Davies

BA (Hons) English

"What I savoured the most about my time at Manchester Met was the freedom to explore and debate and enjoy the complexities of language."

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Peter Matthews

BA (Hons) English

"The English degree at Manchester Met was perfect for me"

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Michael Purton

BA (Hons) English Literature and Creative Writing

"There was an excellent variety of subjects on the course, from literature to film to writing, and they were all presented in an interesting and engaging manner."

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Liz Kessler

MA Creative Writing

"Everything I learned at Manchester Met that helped me to become a better writer now goes into my day-to-day work."

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Laura Goss

BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing

"Empathy is not something I would ever have guessed I would end up needing to use in my work, but it is - and it is hugely important."

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Kat Ellis

BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing

“I have always loved literature, and getting to study such a varied book list at Manchester Met helped me to expand my horizons as both a reader and a writer.”

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Jane Lavender

BA (Hons) English Literature

“It gave me the confidence to believe I could achieve anything”

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Graeme Shimmin

MA Creative Writing

“Manchester Met definitely helped me to achieve my goal of becoming a published author.”

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Emma Lyskava

BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing

"The career days at Manchester Met helped me to begin carving out my career path before graduating."

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Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

MA Creative Writing

"Poems from my thesis resulted in two publications: my pamphlet, which won the inaugural Paper Swans Pamphlet Competition, and my full collection, which was accepted by the first publisher I sent it to."

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Dr Simon Rennie

BA (Hons) English Studies

"I loved the way that students from very varied backgrounds were given the opportunity to improve themselves and the world around them through greater understanding."

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Benjamin Ross

BA (Hons) English & Film

"I honestly loved every moment of my time at Manchester Met"

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