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Department of English

Benjamin Ross

Freelance Production Assistant

"I honestly loved every moment of my time at Manchester Met"
About my career

After graduating last summer, I took a position with Grimm Up North, a company comprised of differing film-centric business strands. It has the festival, aptly titled GrimmFest, a production company called NotANumber, and a fledgling distribution label called Grimm Entertainment. I work primarily for the festival side of things, taking care of logistics and the screenings throughout the year.

I chose Manchester Met because I wanted to study a combined English and Film degree and found the staff very welcoming and forthcoming with specifics of the course and any other questions I had related to the university. The University was also very open with the types of support it offered students and it was refreshing to know that, if needed, the support I required would be there. Manchester itself also played an integral role in my choice of university, as I was interested in working in the media after graduating. The developing environment and investment in this with Media City, meant that Manchester and Manchester Met felt like the perfect fit.

I enjoyed the depth of study and the variety of potential focus areas on the course. The range of modules meant that through the different terms I was able to specialise and tailor my degree around subjects that I enjoyed or wished to discover more about. All of the lecturers were invested in their subjects and their passion translated in a manner that meant learning was engaging, involving and ultimately enjoyable.

While at university I was involved in the film society throughout first year and utilised the volunteer service CoMMUni which was fantastic in helping me find a voluntary placement at the Ladybarn Community Centre in Burnage. I spent around 5 months there and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.

My degree in English and Film has been integral to my career progression. The skills I learnt have enabled me to write fluently and with confidence, and when communicating with an array of companies which my job requires. The University shaped and refined my understanding of film as a medium and this has directly influenced my ability to work within the industry. Manchester Met helped me understand what I am capable of and how I can achieve these goals.

My top tip for students is…

I would advise prospective students to talk with lecturers and ask those key questions. Ultimately, the most important thing is to make sure the course is comprised of elements that interest you. You will get the most out of university if you are willing to engage and put your whole into the course, which is achievable if you study something you are passionate about and interested in.

I’m inspired by…

Every member of the University environment I found to be inspirational, from the lecturers to fellow students. Being immersed in an environment that fosters focused and like-minded individuals striving to achieve their various goals, was the perfect drive to achieve my own.

Why I love Manchester Metropolitan University

I honestly loved every moment of my time at Manchester Met, I can't reduce it to one element: the friendships, the learning, the discussions, the people, the expansion of knowledge, the whole experience is what makes university so important and enjoyable.

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