Wednesday, 15 July 2020


ESRI Brown Bag Seminar Series - Developing Equality and Diversity student support in Primary Education programmes

Brooks Building, Room 2.49

Corinne Woodfine

Although we are very proud of our diverse community of staff, students and school partners, we are mindful of the very complex challenge of ensuring that we deliver an equitable experience for all our students learning to be a primary teacher at Manchester Met. With the understanding that no single activity would solve the challenge, we developed a range of equality and diversity support that directs focus on the students’ lived experiences in order to improve outcomes and the retention rate for under representative groups on the Primary Education programme.

Aims of the project:

In this Brown Bag session we will share the project successes and challenges and consider the importance of a humanizing pedagogy for teacher education that is informed by our lived experiences as primary teachers and teacher educators, asking questions such as, How can a humanising pedagogy enable both teacher educators and students challenge their day-to-day practices and What role can schools play in developing a range of equality and diversity support in university-based teacher education programmes?