Thursday, 2 May 2019

– Friday, 3 May 2019


On the interplay of language, hospitality and social justice: Interdisciplinary threads

Rooms BS 1.23 and BS 1.22, Business School Building

This two-day seminar aims to bring about interdisciplinary discussions and debates about how globalisation and cosmopolitanism, on the one hand, and nationalism, on the other, have reproduced contradictory and sometimes conflicting ideologies about language, hospitality and integration. At the heart of this discussion lies the notion of ‘place’, which has been conceptualised differently in many disciplines leading us to question what we mean by 'community', 'belonging', 'integration' and 'home' in geographical spaces/places characterised by increasing heterogeneity and difference. As such, we encourage participants to consider the understanding of 'place as meaning' (Entrikin, 1991) which views place as subjective and socially constructed with emphasis on individuals' experiences and emotions. We want to unpack the complexities surrounding notions such as ‘hospitality’, 'community' and 'belonging', with emphasis on how these perceptions are reflected in attitudes towards diversity and sharing. At the heart of this discussion, identity, language and culture are expected to be some of the key themes.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Prof Berthold Shoene, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr James Simpson, University of Leeds
Dr John Gallagher, University of Leeds
Dr Katy Sian, University of York
Dr Gideon Bolt, Utrecht University

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