Monday, 9 September 2019


Global Education Policy in Evolving Network Societies

Brooks Building

For nearly three decades, social scientists have been writing about network societies. While living in network societies is not new, the logistical media that connect us have grown significantly in both prevalence and influence, creating all manners of new mobilities and relations between people, economies, technologies and ideas. Techonomic acceleration and neoliberal governance have deterritorialized the state, and datafication is producing new modes of governance and supranational networks and policy actors that challenge state sovereignty and undermine democratic accountability. Innovative theoretical and methodological tools have emerged to study network governance, but these have been accompanied by sharp critiques of their limitations. For example, Galloway (2011: 99) has argued that ‘[t]he many attempts to ‘map’ information come up short … for they offer us no orientation whatsoever within the social totality’. Goodwin (2009) highlights the need for researchers to focus on power relations in policy processes to determine which networks matter in governance regimes and advocates for more interpretive approaches to account for both agency and structure in the operation of networks.

This symposium will provide an opportunity to: (a) take stock of different perspectives on a range of network theories and methodologies that have been taken up in education; and (b) consider promising lines of theoretical and methodological development. The event will be organised around three key questions to be explored interactively amongst participants:

Programme outline

12:00........Light lunch

13:00........Welcome, opening remarks, and introductions

13:20........Session 1: Theoretical approaches to network governance


14:40........Session 2: International comparisons of network governance

15:40........Session 3: Methodological approaches to network governance

16:40........Plenary discussion and close

17:00........Social event (and optional dinner at 19:00)

This is an open event, but places are limited, so please sign up at Eventbrite 

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