Thursday, 17 October 2019


ESRI Brown Bag Seminar Series - Writing and Redrafting

Brooks Building Room 4.67

This is the second of our new Brown Bag Seminar series, entitled Writing and Redrafting.

Helen Underhill & Sam Sellar will talk about the writing process and the use of Scrivener.

This seminar will explore approaches to the writing process (doctorates, papers, funding proposals...) and is intended to be participatory and active. Dr Helen Underhill will introduce the writing software Scrivener to illustrate ways of organising ideas and using doctoral thesis to prepare journal articles and chapters. Dr Sam Sellar will offer his reflections on the writing process, drawing on his experience of writing his own publications and as a member of an editorial team for a highly regarded academic journal.

After these brief inputs, we hope attendees will join in discussions about their own approaches to writing and use the opportunity to raise questions and share concerns strategies.

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