Tuesday, 18 February 2020


ESRI Brown Bag Seminar Series - Critical Friends Group

Brooks Building, Room 4.67

Critical friends groups are open to ALL ACADEMIC STAFF and each group of 3-5 people will include a mix of experience (e.g. from professors to PGR students – the exact mix for each group depends on who signs up). During this session we will work together to define the way in which the critical friends groups could work (based on what people want in terms of support from their peers) - to develop a system for developing the individual groups and provide a head start for setting out how they want to work together. We are hoping that the groups will run themselves to some extent after this meeting, but we will hold a structured writing day/retreat in Jun/Jul that will review the groups, look forward to REF 2027, and provide a space in which to write.

· Su.Corcoran@mmu.ac.uk