ESRI researchers attend and present at the BERA (British Educational Research Association) conference 2019.

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Frances Press

Frances chaired a session on the study entitled Uncovering the complexity of early childhood educators' work: the exemplary early childhood educators at work, alongside Jane Bourne of the Creche and Kindergarten Association, Queensland, Australia.

Yvette Solomon

Yvette organised two symposia as part of the Mathematics in Education session, the first of which was entitled Making connections: supporting mathematics learning through modelling and playing with materials. In this, Yvette and ESRI colleagues Ricardo Nemirovsky, Stephen Gough, Sue Hough, Kate O'Brien, Vinay Kathotia and Tam Dibley presented various perspectives on the topic of Making connections: supporting mathematics learning through modelling and playing with materials’

For this, Ricardo and Tam presented their research on String, Structures and Stories: Conversations with Materials in Student-led Design Projects.

Yvette also chaired the symposium on Changing teachers' practice: form and content, presenting alongside ESRI colleagues Steven Gough and Sue Hough and academics from the Universities of Nottingham and Manchester.

Steph Ainsworth

Steph organised a symposium titled Teacher Resilience: whose responsibility? on Tuesday with colleagues from Curtin University (Australia), the University of Nottingham and the University of Brighton as part of the Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education Special Interest Group. She also presented some of her work in the area of phonological development - entitled Phonemes emerge from words but are noticed with letters as a part of the session Developing writing skills of learners with persistent literacy difficulties through the explicit teaching of grammar in context. 
David Rousell

David presented a paper in a hot topic session on Youth Activism and Climate Change Education. The paper was called Climate Change Imaginaries: Micropolitical youth movements and subjectivities. It shared new work from his forthcoming book Climate Change Imaginaries: Encountering the Anthropocene with children and young people’ which he is co-authoring with Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles.

Sarah Evans

Sarah chaired the symposium on The role of language in methodology as part of the Research methods in Education SIG. In this symposium, Sarah presented her work Creating Fissures in Thought: a diffractive Deleuzo-Guattarian approach for new insights and alternative perspectives of language based research methodologies’ Kate Pahl also presented her work alongside Mike Grenfell of Southampton University, discussing Bourdieu, Language-based Ethnography and Reflexivity in Education.

Lucy Caton

Lucy presented as part of the children and childhoods special interest group (SIG). Part of the Digital technologies in childhood session, her presentation was titled Rethinking video based research with children in an after school club: A post qualitative perspective.

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