Education, in all its forms, is a cornerstone of societal responses to significant change. Researchers in our group take a distinctly global perspective on today’s eminent education policy challenges, which cut across multiple scales: global, regional and local. Our central concern is the important role that education must play in preparing people for uncertain futures shaped by technological, economic, political and environmental changes. We employ critical and futures-oriented approaches in our theoretical and empirical studies of education policy and practice, and we value pluralising and ethically engaged approaches.

Our group brings together researchers with expertise in:

Group members conduct studies of schools and school systems, higher education and informal education settings. Our studies of education policy and practice emphasise global perspectives and emergent futures.

We actively seek partnerships with a range of research users to increase the impact of our research on global education policy and practice. Our members work with international organizations, professional organisations, governments, civil society and non-governmental organisations, multi-stakeholder networks, and schools and educational leaders.

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