Literacy and Language

Our group produces a significant body of research, publications and impact activity in the field of language and literacy.

Literacy and language is a very broad field. Our work draws on a wide variety of perspectives to understand literacy and language learning in and out of school. We are interested in curriculum, policy and wider thinking about what literacy and language is or could be.  

We come from diverse theoretical backgrounds; these include socio-cultural theories, psychology and neuroscience, applied linguistics, literary theory, new materialism and posthumanism.

We also use diverse methods, including qualitative, sensory, co-produced, quantitative, ethnographic and artistic.

Our research interests include: looking at literacy in homes, communities and education sectors; exploring new directions in the teaching and learning of grammar; thinking about the relationship between literacy and place; reconceptualising language and literacy development through theory and methodology; multilingual literacies; language and literacy curriculum and policy, and re-thinking emergent literacies.

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Seminar Programme

27th November Khawla Badwan - Ontologies of language in place and implications for language education.

19th February  Rachael Levy and Mel Hall - "No-one would sleep if we didn’t have books"; Understanding the barriers and motivators to shared reading in families.

25th March Julia Gillan - Children as Storymakers: the challenges and rewards of transplanting an intervention across contexts in our Deaf Multiliteracies project.

27th May Rob Drummond and Erin Carrie - Manchester Voices: community-facing language research.

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