Mathematics Education

This group explores relationships within mathematics, and between mathematics and the social, political and material world.

Members of the group are world leaders in research on mathematics learning and behaviour. Our research focuses on pedagogy and classrooms, curriculum design, materiality and art, and philosophical, historical and political dimensions. Projects and outputs have wide international impact, through school interventions, book and special issue journal publications, keynote presentations, and through our growing collaborative research networks. Members hold key editorial roles in top journals in the field (Educational Studies in Mathematics, Research in Mathematics Education), and lead in international conference organizations – ICME, MES, MECT. Research projects have been funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, the Education Endowment Foundation, the Nuffield Foundation, the US National Science Foundation, the NYS Department of Education, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the European Union.

Our People

Our Research Areas:

Pedagogy and Classrooms

We explore the teaching and production of mathematics in formal classrooms. Projects address pedagogies specific to mathematical content, the production of teachers’ and learners’ relationships with mathematics, and the interface between formal mathematics and popular cultures, including gender cultures. 

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Curriculum and Design

We produce mathematics through curriculum structures, resources and activities. Projects address the design of mathematics tasks and experiences for learners, and the impact of design at micro and macro levels on perceived relationships within mathematics and the development of modelling and mathematising.

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Materiality and Art

We study the material practices of diagramming, gesturing, and sculpting as aspects of mathematical activity. Projects address the creative dimensions of mathematics in informal contexts, and the role of technics in studying sensation and embodied experiences in diverse STEM learning environments.

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Philosophy and History

We develop philosophical and historical insights into mathematical activity and behaviour. Projects aim to increase our understanding of how mathematics operates in the world as both an expression of human cultures, but also as a kind of worlding in itself (making and mutating possible worlds). Philosophical tools are put to work in analyzing ontological and epistemological questions pertaining to learning, teaching, doing and becoming mathematical.

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Society and Politics

We unpack the politics of mathematics education and its research, and its place in the social world. Projects address the production of mathematical hierarchies, and the role of mathematics in national and international economic structures. Assumptions of ‘ability/disability’ and mathematical legitimacy are a major focus.

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