Saeed Alzahrani 
Middle Managers in Primary Schools: a comparison between Saudi Arabia and England. (PhD)

Thekla Anastasiou
Examining Young Children's Relations with Food. (PhD)

Charlotte Elizabeth Booth
How do Teacher Fantasies Influence a Student Teacher's Sense of Self? (Ed Doc)

Lucy Caton
Becoming Researcher: Navigating a post-qualitative inquiry involving child participants and wearable action cameras. (PhD)

Sarah Evans
A Map in Becoming: a Deleuzo-Guattarian Exploration of Masters Students' Classroom Language Encounters. (PhD)

Rebecca Newton 
Looking from the inside out: Reflecting on teacher agency within a performative context? (Ed Doc)

Rachel O’Sullivan 
'The Big Six' How teaching schools are addressing the requirement to engage in research and development as a key driver for school improvement. (Ed Doc)

Jonas Thiel 
The production of "student voice" and its effects on academia. (PhD)

Alex Timewell
Objectifying Musicianship: sociocultural discourses in music education. (PhD)

Corinne Woodfine
"I'm always the unusual one": Exploring the dialogic identities of male primary teachers. (PhD) 



Ramadan Al Hamroni
How Higher Education Leaders Learn to Lead and what Shapes their Professional Identities: as a comparison of Libya and the UK. (PhD)

Joanna Dennis
Together We Stand: a phenomenological exploration of the co-operative movement in education as a catalyst for change and resistance. (PhD)

Michael Dore
Subject and Subjects: conceptions of high school English. (Ed Doc)

Monica Edwards
roblematic Boundary-Markers? An exploration of mothers' experiences of the two-year-old offer. (Ed Doc)

Frances Carole Page
Discomfort, Confusion, Challenge and Invigoration: English Subject Development as a Generative and Affective Force. (Ed Doc)

Pauline Palmer
Changing times, changing values: An exploration of the positionality and agency of teacher educators working in higher education. (Ed Doc)

Mark Sackville-Ford
Conceptualising a School 'Atmosphere' using Film. (Ed Doc)

Peter Whitton
Re-imagining Universities: exploring the relationship between physical and augmented reality spaces in campus design. (PhD) 


Monirah Alsalim
Design and Evaluation of Multi-Modal Learning Approaches for Teacher Education. (PhD)

Judith Flynn
Teachers' Pedagogic Discourses around Bilingual Children: encounters with difference. (Ed Doc)

Dawn Jones
Teachers' Professionalism, Self-identity and the Impact of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). (Ed Doc)

Sabariah Morad
An Exploration of a Teaching School Program in Malaysia: towards democratic education. (PhD)

Julie Scanlon
Listening to Boys Write: an exploration of the complex relationship between 10 year old boys' writing practices and their evolving identity. (PhD)

Kim Smith
Teacher Education in England Undone: Developing teacher educator agency through theory and practice. (PhD)

Adam Wood
Rethinking Learning Spaces in Secondary Schools (PhD)


Aisha Alkahtani
Managing Change in Saudi Secondary Schools: participant perspectives. (PhD)

Cassie Earl
Exploring the Potential for Small Community Based Groups to Support Individuals as Active Citizens within and on behalf of their Localities. (PhD)

Deborah Kenny
'Things ain't like what they used to be!' My professional identity in a state of flux. (Ed Doc)

Rajesh Patel
The Role of Reflective Practice in Education about Race, Identity and Difference. (PhD)

Andonis Zagorianakos
Cultural Construction of Mathematical Objects. (PhD) 


Sylvie Allendyke
Affective futures: girls and the year 9 transition. (PhD)

Sue Bermingham
How do Trainee Geography Teachers building upon Pupils' Personal Geographies? (PhD)

Valerie Butcher
Owning the Thinking. (MPhil)

Hyunsook Chung
Educational Knowledge Transfer as Development Assistance in a Global Information Society: a study of South Korea's education system transfer. (PhD)

Gail Davidge
(Re)considering the Place of Democracy in Education: an ethnographic study. (PhD)

Rachel Dubsky
Professional Boundaries in Teacher-Pupil Relationships: does the model of professional conduct in regulatory standards and codes of conduct impose teacher-pupil relationships that are pedagogically and personally limiting? (Ed Doc)

Simon Fletcher
Touch as Problematic Practice: PE teachers in the context of risk society. (PhD)

Michaela Harrison
The Impact of Writing (and other texts) on the professional development of undergraduate trainee teachers - a rhizoanalysis. (Ed Doc)

Amir Mokhtarzadeh
How Socio-Cultural Factors Shape Young Adult Students' Study Styles in Chinese Schools. (PhD)

Maureen Nash
Training and Development for Lancashire Teaching Assistants: researching the perceptions of teaching assistants within a national framework. (Ed Doc)

Helen Scott
Putting the Critical into Critical Studies. (PhD)

Julie Skarratt
What Influences Female Part-Time Teachers' Attitudes to Work and how are these Attitudes reflected in their Job? (Ed Doc) 


Yvonne Barnes
Changing Identity of Primary Teachers involved in Maths Specialist Programme. (Ed Doc)

Hannah Berry
The Meanings and Manifestations of Empowerment in Grassroots Women's Organisations: how is empowerment experienced and harnessed for social and political gain? (PhD)

Josephine Gabi
An Exploration of what it Means to 'Belong' within the Foundation Stage. (PhD)

Frederique Guery
Learning to be a Public Service Interpreter: boundaries, ethics and emotion in a marginal profession. (PhD)

Victoria Halliwell
Fit for Purpose? Perceptions of skills for employability from final year undergraduate occupational therapy students. (Ed Doc)

Debra Kidd
The Matter of Mattering: edgework in education. (Ed Doc)

Helen Lawson
Educators' responses to Key Top-down Citizenship Education Related Initiatives (2000-1010). (PhD)

Eula Miller
Shaping Conversations: nurse lecturers' emotional management in higher education: the unfinished business of widening participation. (Ed Doc)

Maria Regan
Using Student Peer Facilitators for Asynchronous Online Discussion to Extend Professional Development. (Ed Doc)

Ian Rushton
Acting Like Teachers: re-thinking educational identities in the lifelong learning sector. (Ed Doc)

Tony Wall
Exploring Identifications in the Accreditation of Training. (Ed Doc)

Deborah Wisby
'I Always Wanted to be a Nurse': how do sexual health nurses construct their identities within the context of role change? (Ed Doc) 


John Bostock
Conceptualising Teacher Education in Professional Training. (Ed Doc)

Jennifer Caunt
Widening Access in Physiotherapy � is it fair? (PhD)

Daphne Dawson
From Legitimate Peripheral Participation to Full Participation? Investigating the career patterns of mature physiotherapy students in a context of changing NHS employment. (PhD)

Alison Healicon
Exploring transitory 'survivor' identities of women with experience of sexual violence with socially located places. (PhD)

China Mills
Normality 'under erasure': young people's resistance to the normative gaze of emancipation.

Mark Rowlands
Using Science Museums to Enrich and Enhance Primary School Children's Learning of Science. (PhD)

David Winston
Perceptions of Primary School Governors in England about their Roles and Responsibilities during a Period of Reform 1977-2006. (PhD)

David Woolley
M-level Outside of Higher Education: modes of support. (Ed Doc) 


Nagat Ali Betar
Computer Literacy as a Social Activity: a study of internet use among Libyan women living away from their home country. (PhD)

David Menendez Alvarez-Hevia
The Emotional Involvement of Education Professionals Working with Special Needs Students in Different learning Fields and Contexts.

Brian Eyres
Snapshots of Apprenticeship: Examining Training Interventions to Inform Practice. (MA)

David Gouldin
The Discursive Construction of Professional Identity in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. (Ed Doc)

Mary Greaves
Practitioner Research-a Journey in Optimistic Disappointment (Ed Doc)

Alexander Isola
Attitudes Towards, and Beliefs About, People with Disabilities in Nigeria. (PhD)

Darren Kilroy
Discursive Practices in Contemporary Emergency Medicine. (PhD)

Islay McEwan
When do I get to run on with the Magic Spong? A Bourdiesian Analysis of Practitioner Discourse and Shifting Emplotments in Elite Sports Medicine in the United Kingdom. (Ed Doc)

Steven Naylor
Managed Tensions: a case study of Discourse and Practice in a Secondary Art School. (PhD)

Robert Nettleton
Accomplishment of Professionalism through a Work-Based Masters Degree in the context of Post-Professional Health and Social Care. (Ed Doc)

Carol Porter
Do Learning Platforms have the Potential to Improve Primary Writing? (Ed Doc)

William George Taylor
Shifting Sands and the Rise of the Technocrat: the Professionalisation of Sports Coaching in the United Kingdom. (Ed Doc) 


Mervat Babair
Using England's Experience in ICT to Develop Saudi Teachers' Pedagogic Strategies. (PhD)

Michael Dunne
The Nature of Learning Primary Science through Fieldwork Learning. (Ed Doc)

Jo Anna Johnson
Situated, Action-Focused Education (Learning) and Sustainable Lifestyles as Answers to Socio-Economic Issues. (PhD)

Haneyah Saadawi
Individualised Learning and Emotional Intelligence in Science Learning and Teaching at Intermediate Female Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (PhD)

Patricia Simmons
The Impact of a Secondary School�s Culture(s) on the Personal Development and Academic Attainment of Young People who are identified as and/or identify Themselves as Marginalised.

Jeremy Douglas Sleith
Access for All?: An examination of current and future models for pupil access and curricular enrichment activities. (PhD)

Gillian Yeowell
How Does the UK Physiotherapy Profession meet the Needs of an Ethnically Diverse Population? (PhD)


Charlotte Chadderton
A Study of Racial and Cultural Issues in Secondary Schools in Manchester and the Impact on the Identity of Ethnic Minority Pupil.s (PhD)

Samera Kashkary
The Impact of Attending Kindergarten on the Mathematical Attainment of Primary Age Children in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. (PhD) 


Andrea Capstick
'I'm Wondering Now if I'm the Only Person Who Remembers': Using Film and Narrative Biography to Resist Social Amnesia in Dementia Studies.

Belinda Joy Copitch
Roots and Routes:Identity Development of Researcher and Researched in a Jewish Youth Movement Context.

John Cummings
Emotional and Social Aspects of Children's Dance in Mainstream Schools.

Sandra Hiett
Teaching Cultural Diversity through an English art education: Developing an interpretive model of critical studies within initial teacher training.

Jillian McCarthy
The Effects of E-Learning on Nurse Identity Construction.

Deborah Moore
Creativity and the New Technologies: developing a model of interaction to inform practice and pedagogy in the educational system.


Cathie Pearce
The Interactive Learning of Children and Adults.

Silvester Marinsek
Factors affecting decisions concerning parental complaints in Slovenian primary and secondary schools.

Susan Wareing
An Examination of the Shifting Identities of teacher education within the framework of national education policy: a study in power relations manifested in professional discourse.

Zhiyan Guo
Young children as cultural mediators: a study of Mandarin speaking Chinese families in the UK.

Wafaa Mohammed Abd-el-Aal
Towards practising constructivism in pre-service science teacher education programmes in Egypt: lessons from the British Experience.

Icarbord Tshabangu
Citizenship education and organizational democracy: an evaluative study of a democracy and school leadership in Zimbabwe's schools

Sally Clegg
The Changing Role of this Supply Teacher: Assessing the Impact of the National Strategies, Professionalisation, Globalisation and Workforce Re-Modelling on the Traditions of Supply Teachers' Work.

Joanne Cliffe
Emotional Intelligence and School Leadership: Testing for and Evaluating the Role of Emotional Intelligence in a Group of Female Secondary School Leaders.

Christina Macrae
Making Space: Organising, Representing and Producing Space in the Early Years Classroom.

Bernadette Ni Aingleis
An Exploration of the Development of Partnership in Learning to Teach in Ireland.

Harriet Graham
How Cultural Differences Shape the Teaching and Learning of Children with PMLD in Ghana and the UK. 


Julia Downing
A meta-evaluation of an HIV/AIDS palliative care education strategy in rural Uganda.

Martin Hanbury
Learning to live with leadership : an exploration of the development of one headteacher in the context of a nascent school community.

Marcus Hopkins
Reflexive Learning: Interactions with Politically Inspired Ex-Prisoners, Community Educators, and Victims & Survivors of Paramilitary Violence.

Martin Suter
Constructing the reflective practitioner : a critical account.

Susan Sing
Making sense of the apostrophe : young children's explorations into the world of punctuation.

Caroline Wassouf
The development of key stage 2 children's understanding of grammatical punctuation.

John Stephens
Telling stories of inclusion: a study of relationships and the construction of identity of students and staff in a local education authority pupil referral unit. 


Graham Hughes
The academic-vocational divide : its social, cultural and political dimensions and its impact on 'vocational' students.

Diane Coffey
Seeking the individual child writer: the writing behaviours of young children from low-income families.

Helen Perry
Researching action against domestic abuse.

Tony Birch
Pedagogic Development Work: An Investigation Using Activity Theory into ICT in Primary Schools (1999-2003).

Carol Packham
"Doing us out of a job?" Identifying the roles and characteristics of professional youth and community workers, with particular reference to volunteers and active citizens.

Rachel Homes
Theatre of the self: subjectivity as performance. 


Silva Roncelli-Vaupot
Perceptions on 'effective' head teacher's leadership of Slovene schools of second phase of education.

Linda Chamberlain
Converting policies into practice in a primary school : examining school improvement and ethico-political dilemmas of a senior manager.

Malcolm Godwin
What, how and from whom student nurses learn in clinical practice.

Brigid Downing
Developing the nature and the role of quality argument in primary science lessons through the use of concept cartoons.

Pat Dodd-Racher
Lay Inspectors, Educational Values and Policy Change - The Significance of Emergent Outcomes. 


Linda Radford
Teachers through the looking glass : an enquiry into the public image of teachers.

Sarah Pearce
Examining whiteness in theory and practice : a practitioner research study of teaching in a multi-ethnic primary school.

Lorna Roberts
Shifting identities : the researcher's and trainee/novice teacher's evolving professional identity. 


Kath Kelly
The early detection of dyslexia in bilingual pupils.

Heather Riding
The annihilation of the lesbian self: an event without a witness.

Tony Shallcross
Education as second nature : deep ecology and school development through whole institution approaches to sustainability education.

Nada Trunk Sirca
Understanding the interwoven processes of institutional evaluation and continuous improvement : an action research study.

Justina Erculj
School culture in Slovene primary schools : aspects of the local and the global.

Janice England
Promoting inclusivity of disaffected pupils.

Diane Saxon
Meeting the challenge of the information age in further education : conceptualising professional practice in information and learning technologies. 


Helen Colley
Unravelling myths of mentor : power dynamics of mentoring relationships with 'disaffected' young people.

Una Hanley
Facing another way.

Janice Jarvis
Learning preferences of undergraduates and PGCE students in relation to subjects of study.

Lance Lewis
Khepra : cultural developmental group-work : an evaluation : effective ways of working with school pupils of Afrikan descent.

Heather Piper
A contrarian approach to qualitative inquiries: cases, causes and conclusions.

John Powell
Teaching across the social divisions : an exploration of the construction of identities in a masters in teaching course.

Andrej Koren
Decentralisation : centralisation and autonomy in the Slovenian school system : a case study of 'constructed' views. 


Brian Corbin
A case study : developing pedagogical content knowledge as situated practice on a concurrent initial teacher education.

Pat Leuze
Influences on aspects of creativity disclosed through the life histories of older people.

David Withey
Opportunities for gender equality in design and technology : an evaluation of the Newley Secondary Schools' Technology Initiative (1993-98).

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