Abdullah Alghamdi
Leading School Improvement in Saudia Arabia: investigating total quality management practices. (PhD)

Yasemin Allsop
An examination of Children's thinking, learning and metacognitive awareness when making computer games. (PhD)

Jawaher Bakheet M Almudarra
An Exploration into the Role of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Styles of Directors of Educational Supervision in Saudi Arabia. (PhD)

Hind Abdulrahman R Alowin
A Study of Perceptions of Leadership and its Role in Educational Transformation in Girls' Secondary Schools in Saudi Arabia. (MPhil)

Fatima Zohra Amouri
Models of Blended Learning in an Algerian University : exploring the attitudes of EFL University Students and Teachers (PhD)

Charlotte Arculus
More than Words: Reconceptualising young children’s communication and language through improvisation and the temporal arts. (PhD)

Carrie Birkett
Stepping out of the System: Constructing a grounded theory on the process of becoming a home educator. (PhD)

Karin Boyle
A Multiple Case Study of Reading Comprehension: how do teachers teach and understand their teaching of reading comprehension? (PhD)

Catherine Brady
From Language Learners to Language Users – how using online video calling can support spoken language in MFL classroom - a longitudinal study. (PhD)

Joanne Caldwell
Them and Us: To what extent is the identity of Professional Services Staff shaped by their relationship with their academic colleagues? A case study of an academic school. (Ed Doc)

Jacqueline Cash
The Lifeworld of the Nursing Associate (Ed Doc)

Michael Chesterman 
Investigating the Potential of Collaborative Intergenerational Game Making. (PhD)

Memory Fungai Chiororo
A Critical Analysis of the University Primary Education Goal with Special Reference to how Disadvantaged Children, particularly girls, are and might be Engaged in Zimbabwe. (PhD)

Mark Thomas Craig
Power and Ideology in the Co-operative Group 1970-2015. (PhD)

Zoe Crompton
In what ways does interest in Science change between the ages of 4 an 6? (Ed Doc)

Kevin Dalton-Johnson
Improving inclusive practices in education through the power of Blackness, art and the emancipation of Black teaching professionals. (Ed Doc)

Usama Darwish
An investigation of the impact that engaging teachers in research activity has for teacher voice, identity and empowerment. (PhD)

Jedde De Vries
Measuring Physical Playfulness in Adolescents. (PhD)

Natalie Diddams
A material feminist study of women-led comedy as a site for gender disruption within Fourth Wave Feminism(s). (PhD)

Robert Gardiner
Value in Music Education: Assimilation and Contradiction. (Ed Doc)

Hannah Guy
An examination of the role of images in the spread of disinformation on social media. (PhD)

Emily Haddock
Good practice in Autism. (Ed Doc)

Clare Halfpenny
Quality in Higher Education: a comparison of commercial and traditional undergraduate programmes. (Ed Doc)

Deborah Jane Hallworth
Challenging Behaviour: How is the problem constructed in primary schools in North West England? (Ed Doc)

Lizabeth Jane Hannaford 
Unicorns, rock stars and nerds: learning, identity and participation amongst UK data journalists. (PhD)

Louise Hayes
An exploration of unconscious bias within secondary school computing teacher education. (Ed Doc)

Georgia Louise Hindle
A study on the changing role of the mentor in school-led teacher education. (PhD)

Jeremy Bruce Hopper
Engaging students in learning in higher education: A critique of current approaches and a consideration of alternatives. (Ed Doc)

Slma Jadido
Higher Education Issues: an investigation of the influences of the education policy and leadership on the university student. (MPhil)

Kamal Uddin Khan
An examination of the Common Inspection Framework and its impact on independent Muslim schools in the UK. (Ed Doc)

John Lean 
Total Play!: Exploring participation and play in higher education. (PhD)

Fiona Jane Liddy
The Experience of Othering and Construction of Identity of Eastern European Children in Schools. (Ed Doc)

Rania Maklad 
An Exploration of the distinctive skills and knowledge of multilingual student teachers in Higher Education. (PhD)

Nicola Ruth Martins
Art and Design Learning Journey: Interactions between learners and materials. (Ed Doc)

Karen Meanwell
The changing landscape of teacher training: how partnerships are re-made in times of change. (PhD)

Michelle Murray
Developing participant engagement within a multi-academy trust to empower senior leaders within the schools and across the Trust. (PhD)

Katherine O'Brien
A Fluctuating, Intermediate Warp: Technologies of creativity and learning in mathematics education. (PhD)

Lisa Bernadette O'Connor
Adult perceptions of the importance of addressing the self-esteem of learners. (Ed Doc)

Clare Pheasey 
Another Brick in the Wall? Evolving notions of undergraduate experience and satisfaction, and their (re)positioning within UK Higher Education. (Ed Doc)

Steven Pool
Residency as Method - a process approach to artistic ways of knowing. (PhD)

Catharine Quirk-Marku
Influences on learning to teach: A longitudinal study of Early Career Teachers' developing professionalism. (PhD)

Alison Ramsay
Expanding approaches to reflective practice in university based Initial Teacher Education (ITE). (Ed Doc)

Helen Ryan-Atkin
Accountability, governance and identity within multi-academy trusts. (PhD)

Lindsay Schofield
Ecologies of Touch. (Ed Doc)

David Ben Shannon
Affect and Neuroqueer learning in the Early Years: Sonic and Electric as relational pedagogy. (PhD)

Gillian Mary Smith
On not being able to read: exploring the figured world of emergent literacies. (PhD)

Calum Thomson
Threshold Concepts of Identity in Third Space Industry-Academics. (Ed Doc)

Vivien Townsend
Fractions in the Primary National Curriculum for England: how teachers are working with the new expectations. (PhD)

Chloe-Amelia Turnbull
How does policy and practice affect autonomy and agency of a child in the classroom? (Ed Doc)

Karen Ann Tuzylak-Maguire
Investigating the transition from Trainee teacher to Newly Qualified teacher. (Ed Doc)

Ange Tyler
A study of how senior leaders in one large multi-academy trust balance performativity and social justice. (PhD)

Craig David Veevers
Is the predominance of liberal values in education contributing to student radicalisation? (Ed Doc)

Emily Webb
An exploratory study of the introduction of MOOCs in a university context. (Ed Doc)

Karen Williams
A question of Identity: being and becoming a lecturer. An exploration of how early years professionals from a range of practice backgrounds are authoring themselves as university lecturers. (Ed Doc)

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