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Request a Repair

Our teams manage and complete over 20,000 repairs and minor alterations every year. 

If you'd like our assistance with a repair, please follow the instructions below.


If you need to request a repair or you’ve spotted a fault that you need to report, please contact our Helpdesk on 0161 247 2882 who will take down the details and inform our Property Services Team of your request.

Emergency procedures

Contact the Helpdesk on 0161 247 2882 if you need to report an emergency such as loss of all water or power, gas leaks, floods or people trapped in lifts.

Outside of office hours, please contact Security on 0161 247 2222 (Manchester) or 0161 247 5200 (Cheshire)

If you are calling to report an emergency, please ensure you speak to a member of staff rather than leaving a voicemail message.

In the event of fire

In the event of a fire please sound the nearest fire alarm, telephone 9-999 and evacuate the building.