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Building Refurbishment and Adaptations

Building Refurbishment and Adaptations

Estates have designated teams to review and progress building refurbishment and adaptation work, including room moves, across the University Estate.

How do I make a request?

Please complete a Project Request Form and email it to

Before any works are undertaken, Estates will assess the proposal in relation to health and safety, building construction and engineering constraints and operational viability and cost.

Complex requirements

For complex requirements, the Project Team can offer feasibility studies and cost estimates.

  • complex room refurbishments, extensions, conversions or space planning
  • new specialist equipment installations and modifications

It is important to note that complex works may require at least 16 weeks lead time from project approval to scope and procurement of actual services/contractors. One key factor, which the Project Team will consider as part of the feasibility study, is your required/proposed timescale and funding stream.

Refurbishments, adaptions and new installations 

  • internal finishes and redecoration
  • change in power/service requirements (e.g. air conditioning, ventilation, plug sockets)
  • wayfinding signage planning and installation

Other requirements

For signage, please click here.

To order furniture, please click here.

For room moves, please discuss initially with the Facilities Manager for your building.

NB. for repairs and maintenance, please contact the Helpdesk on x2882.


Important: please ensure that you send your request providing sufficient time to obtain statutory approvals, design, procure and construct the requirements. In most cases, at least 16 weeks notice is required. For any enquiries, please contact the Project Team at