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The MMU Security Team operates all year round - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Security emergency 0161 247 2222
  • Security control room 0161 247 1334
  • Crewe Security 0161 247 5200
  • First aid 0161 247 1362
  • Lost property 0161 247 1334

The Security Department and main control room is located on the ground floor of Cambridge Halls of Residence in Manchester.

On the Cheshire Campus security are located in the Lodge House by the main entrance.

A guide to staying safe at University (Manchester)

A guide to staying safe at University (Cheshire)

Security Advice

Personal safety

  • When going out at night, try and stay with other people and plan your journey home. Book a taxi in advance if possible, or check the times of the night buses. Don’t walk the streets alone at night or in the early hours of the morning.If you do have to walk, don’t take shortcuts and stick to the main roads.
  • Be careful using cashpoints – try and withdraw money from machines located on-campus or in branches, or get cashback in shops. Don’t use a cash machine alone at night.
  • Do not confront attackers or intruders. Shout for help or use a personal alarm. These can be purchased from the Students’ Union shop.
  • Put an emergency contact number in your phone under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency). This should be the person you would want someone to contact in the event of an emergency.

Taking care of your property

Student Accommodation

If you experience any problems with your accommodation, speak to the warden, an accommodation officer, or someone at the Students’ Union as soon as possible.

It your responsibility to keep your room secure. Keep your room LOCKED. Shut and lock windows when you go out and consider leaving treasured possessions at home.

All MMU halls of residence contracts include insurance for your personal possessions but it is worth checking exactly what is covered by the policy.

If you are living in private rented accommodation, you’ll need to take out your own insurance. Shop around to get the best deal for students. Ask your landlord to fit good quality door and window locks, a spy-hole and burglar alarm. If you are going to leave your house empty for a long period of time, close the curtains.

Your valuables

Mark your valuables with a security marker and register the details of your mobile, tablet, laptop and/or other electrical items on the Home Office’s secure ‘Immobilise’ website to ensure that your property is traceable in the event of theft:

Ensure your laptop is kept in a safe place and backup work to a separate hard drive or The Cloud. Where possible, avoid carrying your laptop in a laptop bag, as this is likely to attract attention.

Avoid leaving your bag, phone or wallet unattended in the library or around campus. 

Be careful when using your mobile phone and be aware of your surroundings. Record the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number for your phone. You can get your IMEI by keying *#06# into your handset. If your phone is lost or stolen, contact your phone operator with the IMEI to have it blocked.