Why fuel cells?

A fuel cell is a powerful thing. It takes one element and transforms it into useable energy. Exactly what that energy can be used for is limitless: it can power your home, your car, whole transport networks and even national grids.

The race is on to find the next big energy source. The Earth’s natural resources are finite. Current estimates indicate reserves of coal and gas will be depleted by 2088. We need to find new and sustainable ways to power our lives in harmony with our planet.

This undertaking is as vast as it is rapid: research and development in renewable energy is a global priority. It brings together the worlds of science and industry and demands cross-discipline expertise with business, technology and education. Progress in the last two years alone has been unprecedented.

No one knows for sure where, how or when the breakthrough will come, but expect a paradigm shift. You might say we are on the cusp of something big.

Join us as we journey into the known, the unknown and everything that lies between.

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