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Workshops offer

Market Opportunities for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

A detailed look at the drivers shaping the development of the hydrogen economy.

Including the direction of the energy market, low carbon policy, industrial strategy, fuel sovereignty, consumer behaviour and areas of investment.

Exploring Fuel Cell Technology

The science behind hydrogen and fuel cell technology. An investigation of current hydrogen and fuel cell activity across the globe, with particular focus on China, California, Europe (Germany) and then focusing on the UK & NW.

An overview of commercially available fuel cell technology and its application, including how it can be utilised to enhance the operation of other renewable technologies. Includes a hands on, practical demonstration of electrolysis and fuel cells.

Effectuation and Innovation lifecycle

An overview of the business innovation life-cycle and a detailed look at effectuation, a risk minimising process that aids business decision making when taking new products or services to market.

Design Sprint 1: Frame, Understand, Empathise

A practical session to solve customer problems through the application of a design sprint methodology that can be embedded in any business. This session covers the first 3 phases.

Design Sprint 2: Ideate, Prototype, Test

A practical session to solve customer problems though the application of a design sprint methodology that can be embedded in any business. The session covers phases 4 to 6.

Project review

Reflect on the knowledge gained, discuss and translate into practical actions.

Working with the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre

Goal setting and defining the next steps required to take innovation forward. An overview of how to collaborate with a research institution, accessing lab support, knowledge transfer partnerships and potential sources of funding.

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