First Generation Ambassadors

Hear from some of our Ambassadors and why they are involved with First Generation

Our diverse University community is made up of many staff, students and graduates whose parents or guardians didn't attend university - many of our students are from families with no experience of higher education.

To help others who aspire to come to Manchester Metropolitan University, some of our First Generation Ambassadors shared their personal journeys to higher education and tell us why they are getting involved with the scheme.

Below you can hear a conversation between First Generation Student Ambassador, Firzah Ali, and First Generation Alumni Ambassador, Richard Banks CBE, about their experiences as first generation students. Paula Fisher tells us how a scheme like First Generation would have benefitted her and Shuab talks about the impact of donor support.

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“Having something in place like First Generation is going to be so helpful for future generations that have fought battles like me.”
Paula tells us about her journey to higher education and how First Generation will benefit students, like her.

"I heard about First Generation through my college and I thought it was a great programme; the scheme has given me the opportunity to follow in my brother's footsteps. I know that studying at Manchester Metropolitan will give me more independence and create more opportunities to succeed. I had always hoped to go to university and First Generation is now helping me realise this dream."

Julan Walters, Business and Accounting student, Xaverian College, First Generation Student

"It's vital that young people have as much information as possible when they are deciding whether to go to university. First Generation supports them with all the information they need about life at university, and how it might help their career."

Chris Sykes, GDL 2004 alumnus and First Gen Ambassador

First Generation