Class Giving and Reunions

Graduating students and alumni can help us support future students by giving a gift to The Manchester Metropolitan Fund.

Whether it is your year of graduation or you are returning to campus to reunite with former classmates, you can help the next generation of students by giving a gift to the University. Many of our alumni chose to give a class gift which is their year of matriculation e.g. £20.16.

If you are at all interested in organising a reunion event with your former classmates, please let us know and see if we are able to help. Whether it's organising a campus tour for your group, or putting you in touch with fellow alumni, we will help ensure you receive a warm welcome back to Manchester Metropolitan University!

Students are inspired and motivated to learn that graduates, staff and friends of Manchester Met want to give something back to the University to help us continue to provide access to higher education and a first-class learning experience for the next generation. The generosity and warmth shown by past students is a testament to how graduates support us in our aims.

Contact us if you are thinking of organising a reunion

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