Giving In Memory

Make a gift in memory of someone special.

We award annual prizes to talented students across the University, funded in memory of alumni, students and staff.

Our current in memory prizes

The Bown Prize for Outstanding Design Portfolio

Cliff Bown graduated in architecture from Manchester Polytechnic in 1983 after which he worked as an architect in the Manchester area for the whole of his career. As a student, Cliff won the Basil Ward Prize (1981) and the Grenfell Baines Prize.

The Bown family decided to establish The Bown Prize for Outstanding Design Portfolio for a 5th year at the Manchester School of Architecture, as a lasting way of recognising and celebrating Cliff’s lifetime achievements, his passion for architecture and the affection he had for his alma mater.

To date, seven students have been awarded this prize in recognition of their achievements.

Emily Daye work Bown Prize Winner 18

"I feel extremely honoured to receive The Bown Prize for Outstanding Design Portfolio, especially considering the standard of work across Manchester School of Architecture. I was extremely overwhelmed when presented with the award as I feel my work is valued and as a result I feel encouraged to keep working hard to become the best I can be in Architecture. I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to the Bown family for the support and confidence this award has given me."

Emily Daye, MArch and Bown Prize recipient 2018

The Dorothy Redfern Bennison Prize

In 2014, the Bennison family contacted Manchester Metropolitan University to discuss how they could best honour their mother Dorothy's memory. Dorothy was passionate about learning and embroidery, and the Prize has been set up in her memory to recognise the talents of students who are studying embroidery or textiles.

About Dorothy

Dorothy Redfern was born in Manchester in 1916 to a creative family, committed to education. After World War One, when not studying, her happy childhood was spent playing sports and following in her father’s footsteps, Dorothy trained to be a Geography teacher, working at Yew Tree School. Her father was Head Teacher of Manchester's George Leigh Street School. The Second World War brought disruption to class as Dorothy and her pupils were evacuated from their school.

Although teaching, tennis and swimming were Dorothy’s loves until she married, during her time in Derbyshire she joined the Embroiderers Guild and developed her passion for the art. The urge to teach never left her, however, and after moving to North Wales, Dorothy became a founder of the North Wales Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild. She taught Goldwork and Modern Embroidery at Llandrillo College in Colwyn Bay.

The artistic products of her creative mind can be discovered across North Wales, from the altar frontals of St. Paul’s Church in Colwyn Bay, to the commemorative tapestry in the foyer of Conwy Town Council. Dorothy was proudly presented to Her Majesty the Queen at the opening of the Conwy Crossing Tunnel and was actively working with threads to the end of her life at 98 years old.

Dorothy's family would like to encourage the development of contemporary embroidery, knowing that she felt it was a timeless art form with a future as well as a past, and were delighted when Manchester Metropolitan University agreed to set up the prize fund so that her many friends and admirers could memorialise her life and work. The family hopes that students will think of the prize as a gift from an absent friend; one who wishes them well in their lives and careers.

Olivia Bell Bennison Prize Winner 18

"I was extremely surprised to be presented with the Dorothy Bennison award at my degree show. I think the prize is an excellent idea as it not only keeps Dorothy’s passion for embroidery alive but helps to boost students confidence like it has my own. I feel extremely privileged to have received this award and it was a brilliant end to my degree. Thank you!!"

Olivia Bell, BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice and Prize recipient 2018

The James Brownhill Memorial Prize

James Brownhill died tragically in a climbing accident just before he graduated in physiotherapy in 2011. His tutors and friends at Manchester Met wanted to do something special in his memory and contacted his parents to discuss their ideas. A prize was established at the University and is awarded annually to a final year student as the James Brownhill Memorial Prize for Clinical Excellence in Physiotherapy.

"In the first days after James' accident, the physiotherapy department contacted us with their proposal for the Clinical Excellence Award in James' memory and we felt it was right for the JBMF to fund the winner's professional registration fees; it was so appropriate. We are supported massively by this gesture to keep James' name and memory alive and we feel James would be happy for the JBMF to give something back for all that he was given whilst at Manchester Metropolitan. James would be both humbled and proud of what has been done to remember him in this way."

Christine and Gary Brownhill, parents of James Brownhill

"The James Brownhill Memorial Prize for Clinical Excellence is a wonderful tribute in memory of a gifted young man. He aspired to be a competent clinician, it is appropriate that his legacy recognises superior competence in others. The continued relationship between James’ family and the programme team means everything to us. Manchester Metropolitan University Physiotherapy is like a family, the Brownhills are a part of that family now."

Janet Rooney, Programme leader BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy and Tutor to James Brownhill

"I am very proud to have received the James Brownhill Memorial Prize. It is a great way for the memory of James to live on. The Brownhills are doing a great job in running the Memorial Fund in his memory. It was a pleasure to meet the family at the prize giving. I feel very privileged."

Georgina Brumwell, James Brownhill Memorial Prize Winner 2017

The Leonard James Little Fine Art Prize

Leonard James Little studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University as a mature student and had very fond memories of his experiences studying here. The Prize was established in memory of him by his family, in 2011.

Open to all disciplines, an invited external professional selects the winner from students from the first classification category and the prize is awarded to the recipients at the Degree Preview Show.

Stephen Barr Little Prize Winner 18

"Winning this prize is an unexpected honour and is particularly welcome coming from the Leonard James Little fund, set up in honour of a highly successful mature student to support fine art students. I hope to replicate some of the success that Leonard enjoyed and after being lucky enough to benefit from the optimism and energy of the younger students this prize will allow me to continue to the next stage of my career."

Stephen Barr, BA (Hons) Fine Art 2018

The Pamela Ryland Prize

Pamela Ryland completed her studies at the Manchester Art College (now the University's Manchester School of Art), in 1960. Embarking on a career in Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Textiles and Fashion, Pam ran her own interior design business, Ebury Interiors, in Belgravia, London and in Cheltenham. Pamela passed away on 25 May 2016, aged 80.

The Pamela Ryland Prize, funded by a legacy gift from Pam, was established in her memory, to benefit talented students of the Manchester School of Art. The Prize is awarded annually to two Interior Design students. One final year undergraduate student and one current student of the University benefit from a prize worth £250 each.

"Winning this prize is such an unexpected surprise! The prize is a massive confidence booster at a time when I’m entering the daunting, working world! Knowing that my work was good enough to be selected, let alone win the prize is an amazing feeling!"

Thomas Noonan, BA (Hons) Interior Design

Pam Ryland

"It was a great honour to receive The Pamela Ryland Prize. The award made me realise that all the hard work and effort I have put into my degree so far has been recognised and valued. Receiving the prize has become motivation and has strengthened my approach towards my final year as an interior design student. I am extremely obliged to have been chosen to receive the award."

Laibah Bakhtiar, BA (Hons) Interior Design

The Richard Hudson Prize for Best Digital Student at the University

The Richard Hudson Prize for Best Digital Student at the University has been established in Richard’s memory by his wife, Jenny, to commemorate his life in a meaningful way and to remember his achievements.

The prize recognises the talents of students who are studying digital-related courses at Manchester Metropolitan University and was launched in 2015.

"I am so overwhelmed and extremely honoured for being awarded The Richard Hudson Prize 2017. This means the world to me as I love all things digital! It is certainly reassurance and confirmation that the work I have done throughout University is recognised and valued. I can't wait to pursue my career in digital marketing as this award has inspired me to do so, I really want to go in the direction of Richard and make him proud."

Hannah Mageen, BA (Hons) Marketing Management 2017

The Steve Mansfield Employability Award

Dr Steve Mansfield 2

A year ago, the University heard the sad news of the death of Dr Steve Mansfield. Many colleagues have since paid tribute to Steve’s pioneering work as the Faculty of Business and Law’s first-ever Associate Head for Student Employability in equipping the Faculty with a strategic and detailed plan for Employability and his exceptional achievements in a very short time.

Dr Madeleine Mansfield, University of Chester and former colleague of the Department of Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, has generously endowed a memorial prize in her husband, Steve’s memory.

The Steve Mansfield Employability Award encourages employability skills in Business and Law Final Year students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to furthering their personal employability.  The prize will be awarded to a student who has gone the extra mile on employability and is open to all departments and schools in the Faculty.

Both the scheme and its judging criteria have been guided by the way, in which Steve defined employability and the values he attached to it, so that his personal approach and its transformative effect on the prospects and life chances of our graduates can continue in a very practical way.

The winning student receives a £250 prize and a package of bespoke transition support. We look forward to presenting the Award to our first deserving recipient, Mohanad Metwally during this year’s graduation ceremonies.

"It is a great honour to be selected for this prestigious award in its first year. I would like to thank the other finalists for being so inspiring, the University and Students' Union for the opportunities they provided that helped me achieve this award, and my family for always pushing me to improve myself and never give up."

Mohanad Metwally, LLB student, The Steve Mansfield Employability Award recipient 2017 pictured with Madeleine Mansfield

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