Leaving a Legacy

Making a gift to Manchester Metropolitan in your will could benefit future generations of students and the wider community.

Legacy gifts are tremendously important and when writing your will you do not have to choose between your family, charity or your university. It is possible to remember them all, giving security to your family and extending your charitable giving beyond your lifetime.

A legacy to Manchester Metropolitan University could provide access to education for talented students irrespective of their personal circumstances and to world-class facilities whilst studying here. Students like Nima Khorramrooz, BA (Hons) Linguistics with Arabic, one of the first recipients of The Caroline Evans Scholarship, funded by a legacy gift to the University from a former member of staff.

"I am delighted to be chosen as a recipient for The Caroline Evans Scholarship. I cannot express my gratitude enough. This scholarship has helped me immensely, it has eased the worry regarding finances significantly allowing me to fully concentrate on my studies to become a social worker. Thank you."

BA (Hons) Social Work and Caroline Evans Scholar 2017

"Since receiving The Caroline Evans Scholarship, I have been able to really focus on my studies. The award enables me to pay for living expenses, textbooks, and equipment so I no longer need to work extra hours to cover these costs. This award means a lot to me and it makes me feel that my time and contribution at University is valued and most importantly, it has motivated me to stay focused and study hard."

Nima Khorramrooz, BA (Hons) Linguistics with Arabic and recipient of The Caroline Evans Scholarship

How to leave a legacy to Manchester Metropolitan

As an educational institution, Manchester Metropolitan University is an exempt charitable body and so does not have a registered charity number. 

Due to its status, Manchester Metropolitan University pays no tax on gifts of money or property made to the University during your lifetime or on your death. All estates above a certain threshold are subject to inheritance tax on their net value (the amount remaining after debts and other charges have been met) and legacies to tax-exempt beneficiaries such as the University have been deducted. It is possible therefore to reduce the tax liability on the overall estate by making a legacy to Manchester Metropolitan University.

How to update an existing will

Simple alterations can be made to your will through a supplement known as a Codicil. A Codicil confirms your original will but also adds to it and may be particularly appropriate if you wish simply to add a bequest to a charity. However, it is important that you consult with your solicitor who can advise you whether a Codicil would be appropriate.

Should you wish to further discuss leaving a legacy to Manchester Metropolitan University, please contact us directly.

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