The Neelam Aggarwal Scholarship

The Neelam Aggarwal Scholarship was established in memory of Manchester Metropolitan University graduate, Neelam Aggarwal.

This scholarship was established to enable undergraduate students achieve their academic ambitions at Manchester Metropolitan.

About Neelam

Inclusion for every person and child, irrespective of their culture or background, was Neelam’s aim throughout her working life.

The translation work she engaged in for Manchester City Council Education Department over six years enabled many people to access education and other services.

Neelam graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and taught for many years in a large multi-cultural school working with children and families for whom English was their second language. She encouraged every child to develop their individual strengths and gifts so that they could achieve their maximum potential and celebrate all their successes.

Her invaluable translation skill encouraged parents to be involved in their children’s education and participate in the activities of the school. This in turn helped the whole school and their local community to foster a culture of respect for different cultures and to promote the value of diversity.

Neelam generously shared her special skills and beliefs by mentoring newly qualified staff. Her legacy has been to enable the school to have a staff that continues to provide opportunities for its children to learn about, and accept, individual differences, yet embrace the similarities of all.

The Neelam Aggarwal Scholarship was set up in Neelam’s memory so that her belief in the advancement of disadvantaged children and young people could continue.

The Scholarship

The Neelam Aggarwal Scholarship will benefit talented students of all ages who, without this support, may not be in the position to study at Manchester Metropolitan University.

One non-repayable scholarship worth £3,750 (and paid as three annual instalments of £1,250) is awarded each year to a new UK, undergraduate, full-time student in their first year of study, from a household with an income up to and including £42,875 and paying fees of £9,250 per annum*.

*Subject to terms and conditions.

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Meet the Scholars

"I am extremely pleased to be a Neelam Aggarwal Scholar. It is a prestigious award. The Scholarship will enable me to concentrate fully on my studies which I know will benefit my degree overall and University experience. I will now be able to soar and reach my goals."

Itunu Elizabether Atewologun, BA (Hons) Primary Education and Neelam Aggarwal Scholar 2018

"I am incredibly grateful and humbled to have received The Neelam Aggarwal Scholarship. The prospect of becoming a future teacher always pushed me in my studies and experiences, to succeed at university and make my goal a reality but I knew university would never be a smooth path for me financially. This funding means I can concentrate on my degree without uncertainty, which I know will benefit my studies and experience here. "

Georgia Edwards, BA (Hons) Primary Education and Neelam Aggarwal Scholar 2017

"I am overwhelmed to have been awarded the Neelam Aggarwal Scholarship. The road to where I am now has not been an easy one. I have had to overcome many personal barriers to get here. Personal finance has also been an issue. I am a single parent to two children and find it difficult to work around my studies and home life. The Neelam Aggarwal scholarship will not only help with my studies but life at home as well. Thank you. "

Paula Fisher, BSc (Hons) Microbiology and Molecular Biology student and Neelam Aggarwal Scholar 2016

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