The Academic Board advises the Vice-Chancellor on the University’s academic and other activities. In particular it considers and advises on matters relating to awarding taught and research degrees. To help it carry out its duties, the Board delegates responsibility for some matters relating to quality management to its committees, as well as to Assessment Boards and Programme Committees.

Terms of Reference

Subject to the provisions of the Articles of Government, to the overall responsibility of the Board of Governors, and to the responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor, the Academic Board is responsible:

(i) for general issues relating to the research, scholarship, learning and teaching and courses at the institution, including criteria for the admission of students; the appointment and removal of internal and external examiners; policies and procedures for assessment and examination of the academic performance of students; the content of the curriculum; academic standards and the validation and review of courses; the procedures for the award of qualifications and honorary academic titles; and the procedures for the expulsion of students for academic reasons, such responsibilities shall be subject where appropriate to the requirements of validating and accrediting bodies;

(ii) for considering the development of the academic and related activities of the University and the resources needed to support them and for advising the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors thereon;

(iii) for advising on such matters as the Board of Governors or the Vice-Chancellor may refer to the Academic Board.



Chair: Vice-Chancellor


Deputy Vice-Chancellor


Chief Operating Officer


The Pro-Vice-Chancellors


One Head of Department from each faculty, nominated by the Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor (term of office: 2 years)


One Faculty Head of Education nominated by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education (term of office: 2 years)


One Faculty Head of International nominated by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor International (term of office: 2 years)


One Faculty Head of Research & Knowledge Exchange nominated by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research & Knowledge Exchange (term of office: 2 years)


Three members of the Professoriate nominated by the Chair (term of office: 2 years)


One elected member of staff from each faculty (term of office: 2 years)


The President of the Students' Union


Students' Union Education Officer

Academic Board Committees

Information on the committees that directly report to Academic Board can be found on the following web pages:

Further details on the University Committee Structure and terms of reference are available from the Committee Handbook, Appendix B: Committee Terms of Reference.


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