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Skills Forge

Manchester Metropolitan is committed to finding greener, more efficient ways of working and to continually searching for ways to improve your research journey. As part of this commitment,  the University will now be managing all postgraduate research programmes using a new online system called Skills Forge to reduce paperwork, streamline processes and make it easier for you to keep track of your work and your ongoing development.

What is Skills Forge?

Skills Forge is an online portal that gives you everything you need to track your research degree and manage your development in one place with a clean, easy-to-use dashboard. Using Skills Forge, you will be able to:

  • Book onto face-to-face training courses
  • Find online courses and resources
  • Complete and track your research and examination forms
  • Submit your RDAR records
  • Track your upcoming milestones and tasks
  • Record your own self-development activities


Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will give you more information about getting set up with Skills Forge

Quick Start Guide Students



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Finding your way around Skills Forge

Skills Forge for students is fairly straightforward, with a central dashboard that points you to the various tasks you will need to be able to do throughout your PhD. This dashboard acts as your 'hub', pulling together your reminders for items and processes that you are due to start, and automatically recalculating when things are due should you need to take a break from your studies. As well as our overview of the Skills Forge Dashboard below, we've also created a playlist on YouTube to take you through all the different things you may need to do with your Skills Forge account such as how to book on a course, or record your development activities. These resources will stay on this page for you to refer to throughout your research studies but if you need any additional help, you can ask your Faculty Research Degrees Administrator.


 Booking onto Courses

You can find the Graduate School's Full Course Catalogue here:

OLD Research Student Skills Programme 2016-17

All courses are now booked onto via Skills Forge. Take a look at the videos below for help with how to find courses to fulfil the needs you identify in your Training Needs Analysis, how to locate your online courses and resources, and how to search for a specific course and book yourself onto it.

RDF Categories 

Online Courses 


Course Search & Booking

 Cancel a Booking



Skills Forge in 60 Seconds

This quick video from the graduate school will give you all the key facts on Skills Forge


Log in to Skills Forge

Your Skills Forge login is the same as your normal university username and password. To log in, just click the link below and enter your details, this will take you to the main dashboard

For the clickable link on the graduate school skills forge page


Need Help?

Your Faculty Research Degrees Administrator is here to help you if:

** You need to ask a question about one of the forms or processes

** You find incorrect information

** You need more help with using the system

To find your FRDA, click the link below for our "Who's Who" page:

For technical problems, or if you can't access the site at all, you can contact IT Services on 0161 247 4646