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Regulations, Student Handbook & Supporting Material

 Here you will find a series of useful documents that will offer advice and support throughout your postgraduate research degree.

The Research Student Handbook 2017-2018 guides students through their research journey and highlights points such as important paperwork and key contacts.

The Regulations for Postgraduate Research Degrees (2017-2018) (PDF) state the regulations that underpin the PGR experience including those for assessment, progression and award of postgraduate research degrees.

The Institutional Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Programmes (2017-2018) gives a formal overview of the PGR research journey.

If you require further information, including any historical versions of these documents, please contact the Graduate School directly at

Useful Documents

Guidelines on Good Research Practice (Word)
Useful guidance on Man Met's expectations around integrity as well as external resources for information on good research practice. 
Student Enrolment Overseas Process (PDF)
A quick guide to enrolment for overseas students.
GTA Framework (PDF)
The Graduate Teaching Assistant framework contains information relating to teaching opportunites for PGRs.
Extension and Suspension Guidance for Students (PDF)
Information for students regarding what suspensions and extensions are and the processes involved in each.
Pregnancy and Maternity Guidelines (PDF)
Information and support outlining the maternity procedures for research students.
Guidelines for PhD by Published Work
Guidelines for all three routes of PhD by publication and practice. 
Unsatisfactory Progress Procedure (Word)
How unsatisfactory academic progress is identified and approached as well as the processes leading to its resolve. 
Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct in Research
The informal and formal stages of a misconduct investigation in relation to research degrees.