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Publication of degree classifications

Will my degree classification be published in the Award Ceremony Booklet or read out as I go across the stage at the Bridgewater Hall?

We denote 1st class awards only, in the programme booklet.

No degree classifications are read out on the stage.

Students who have re-assessments in September

If I have resits can I still attend my Graduation?

If you have already booked for Graduation and have resits to do, providing you have enough credits for a pass degree you will be eligible to attend Graduation this year.

Booking and tickets

I owe fees to the University, can I still register to attend my graduation ceremony?

You will need to ensure you have an agreed instalment plan in place or alternatively you must contact our Finance Service Centre on 0161 247 1852 who will discuss all available payment options with you.

Until you have paid or have an agreed plan in place, you will be unable to access the graduation system to register and purchase guest tickets.

When can I register attendance and book tickets for my graduation ceremony?

You can register your attendance and book tickets via our online graduation registration system from 10am on 11th April 2018.

Why do I need to register my attendance and book guest tickets before I get my results?

We organise ceremonies for up to 10,000 students so we need to know well in advance how many people are going to attend. If you register by the closing date, you are guaranteed two free guest tickets, in addition to your student ticket.  Therefore, you should register your attendance and book your guest tickets before you know your results.

How do I pay for guest tickets?

You do not pay for your student ticket and you are guaranteed two free guest tickets, but we have to make a charge of £11.00 each for any additional guest tickets to cover the cost of hiring the venue.

If you are purchasing additional tickets, you will need a valid credit or debit card to do so. Additional guest tickets are subject to availability and not guaranteed for every ceremony.

What is the deadline for purchasing guest tickets?

Once the closing date has passed, we will release all unsold tickets and you can log back into the graduation registration system to purchase any extra ones. Please note that the demand for extra guest tickets is very high and we cannot always meet this. We CANNOT guarantee that additional guest tickets will be available to purchase for each ceremony.

Closing date for guaranteed tickets: 11th May 2018

 Extra tickets released: 31st May 2018

Please note you will only be able to log in once to purchase additional tickets at this stage.

Any late extras released: 21st June 2018


How do I collect guest tickets?

Students collect their guest tickets on arrival at Registration in the Midland Hotel. We cannot issue guest tickets to anyone other than the graduating student who has purchased them.

All guest tickets must be purchased in advance via the on-line graduation registration system. We cannot admit guests who do not have a ticket,including very small children. Please see information below about attending with children.

I was an international student in the UK last year, but have now returned home. I need a visa to come to Manchester for my ceremony, what must I do?

To assist your visa application we can supply a formal invitation on Manchester Metropolitan University letterhead. To ask for one, please contact the Graduation Helpline on 0161 247 5959 or email

How do I claim a refund?

We hope that you will be successful in your final assessments but if it turns out that you need to do re-sits you can either:

Claim a refund at any time up to 31 October 2018 by emailing


If we do not receive a refund request by the deadline, we will automatically give you a credit for tickets to attend the 2019 ceremony.

If you are unable to attend for any other reason, we can only provide a refund if you let us know before the day of your ceremony by emailing your request to

Ticket Terms and Conditions

This ticket is issued subject to the terms set out below. The request or purchase of this ticket constitutes an acceptance of these terms.



Problems with attending your scheduled ceremony

What if I have a problem attending my scheduled ceremony?

If you cannot make your ceremony day and time, we may be able to arrange for you to come on a different day.

Please contact the graduation helpline on 0161 247 5959 or email to discuss your situation.

I have hired a gown, but can no longer attend my ceremony. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can, but only up until the 10th July 2017 or 7 working days before your ceremony. Refunds should be requested from Ede and Ravenscroft directly, either by logging on to your account and cancelling your order online, or by sending them an email. 

Information for international students

I was an international student in the UK last year, but have now returned home. I need a visa to come to Manchester for my ceremony, what must I do?

To assist your visa application we can supply a formal invitation on an MMU letterhead. To ask for one, please contact the Graduation Helpline on 0161 247 5959 or email

I would like to invite family members from overseas to my ceremony and they need visas, what can I do to help them?

If your guests need visas, the visa application form and country specific information is on the UK Visas and Immigration website.

You will need to let them have the following documents to enclose with their visa application:


Two passport photographs

The entry clearance fee in local currency

Evidence that they have enough money to support themselves whilst in the UK, for example, bank statements, payslips, or a letter from their employer

A student status letter from the University that confirms you are enrolled at MMU. You can request this letter from the Student Hub in your faculty.

A photocopy of your passport (the photograph page), current student visa or biometric residence permit, and police registration certificate if you have one. Do NOT send originals.

A short note of invitation, which should be in a normal letter format. We recommend you use our standard letter.

How do I check that the correct name will appear on my award certificate?

As an International Student (a national of countries outside the EU) you are strongly recommended to check prior to graduation that the name on the University ’s student record matches exactly the name on the current version of your passport. This should include any abbreviations or other markers that are customary to the state that issued your passport. If you are a visa national, your certificate should be issued in the name by which you are registered with UKBA.

Minor correction of current name

You will have the opportunity to check how your name will appear on your certificate when you register for graduation at the beginning of the summer term. If the names don’t match up, you can request an amendment directly into the Graduation on-line system. A copy of the passport will be required as evidence.

At any other time prior to graduation you can check your name on the Student Contact Management System, or at your local HUB or Student Life Office and request an amendment to be made, so that the name matches the passport.

You are strongly advised to photocopy the ID pages of your passport and store the copy with your certificate.

Request for significant change to current details

If you are a Tier 4 international student and you wish to request a name change, because for example you have married, or your date of birth is incorrect, because of an error on the record, the relevant administrator must obtain formal approval from the MMU International Compliance and Experience Manager, before amending your record.

Information for disabled students and guests

What arrangements should I make if I require assistance on the day, for example, wheelchair access to the stage or a BSL interpreter?

If you need assistance, there is an opportunity to tell us when you register via the graduation on-line booking system.


Alternatively, if you prefer to discuss your needs please contact the Graduation Helpline on 0161 247 5959 or email and a member of staff will be able to help you.

I have mobility difficulties, can I go up onto the stage?

Please ring 0161 247 5959 or email to let us know before your ceremony, so we can make the necessary arrangements.

On the day of your ceremony please arrive as close to the scheduled time as possible so that we can show you the access arrangements. Ede and Ravenscroft, the robe hirers, can provide special help with robing on the day.

What arrangements can be made for guests with mobility difficulties?

All floors in The Bridgewater Hall are easily accessible for guests with mobility difficulties, with wheelchair spaces on each level. Reserved seating will not be necessary as there are plenty of places available on all levels. Staff at the Bridgewater Hall can assist you if you need help.

Parking spaces are available in the Manchester Central (formerly G-Mex) Car Park (opposite the Bridgewater Hall) with easy access to the Hall via an underpass and lift which brings you out just near the main entrance. Please visit the Bridgewater Hall website for details on where to park.

There is a wheelchair user drop off point on Lower Mosley Street: Disabled access map. However, this is not a parking space, even for blue badge holders.

There are designated disabled bays located on Chepstow Street at the rear of the venue. And there is also plenty of on-street pay and display parking bays on Whitworth Street West and Great Bridgewater Street, in which badge holders may park free of charge with their badge only, displayed without time limit.

Is it possible for guests to use a hearing loop at The Bridgewater Hall?

The Bridgewater Hall does have a loop system in the hall – although it works quite differently from a normal hearing loop. It’s an infra red system and guests must pick up a loop necklace from the cloakroom where they will be advised of the best places to sit to pick up the signal.

These loop necklaces work with the usual hearing aids and the newer digital ones. We also have headsets with headphones only, for those with no hearing aid but that want the sound amplified in their ears. Further access information is available on The Bridgewater Hall’s website.

Guests with young children

Can I bring young children along with me to graduation?

For health, safety and insurance reasons, each guest entering the Bridgewater Hall must be in possession of a guest ticket, irrespective of age.  The University needs to be accountable to the Bridgewater Hall for the number of people within the Bridgewater Hall at each ceremony, and so the receipt of a guest ticket is essential.

Therefore, young children are permitted, but they must hold a guest ticket in their own right. Young children will not be permitted to be seated on a guest’s lap, nor will additional tickets be made available to guests attending the Degree Ceremonies with children who do not have a ticket.

Having their name read out as they go across the stage is a once in a lifetime experience for our students and their families. We know you will understand that if children become unsettled this can spoil the experience. So even with a purchased ticket, a member of Bridgewater Hall or University staff may ask guests with children to take them out of the auditorium if they are disturbing the ceremony for other guests.

 Please note there is NO service being provided at The Bridgewater Hall to watch the ceremony on a screen in a public area, and access will not be allowed without a ticket.

There will be limited provision at a nearby University building for the streaming of the live graduation ceremonies.

The University cannot guarantee the success of each live screening so we would not advise guests to make travel arrangements on the presumption they will be guaranteed the option of watching a live screening.

Watching the live stream

Where can I watch the live stream?

The live stream can be watched via our website on any internet enabled device. Guests without tickets my prefer to watch the ceremonies live from home, or if joining you for celebrations on the day, from a nearby café/hotel using Wifi or 3/4g data connections. There will be limited provision at a nearby University building, No. 70 Oxford Road, for the streaming of the live graduation ceremonies. Seating is limited at the venue, and will be on a first come first served basis. There is no provision to watch the cermeony on screens in the Bridgewater Hall. 

The University cannot guarantee the success of each live screening, or that seats will be available, so we would not advise guests to make travel arrangements on the presumption they will be guaranteed the option of watching a live screening.