Applied Psychology and Behaviour Change

Our researchers are engaged in a wide range of work across the fields of psychology and health, including in education, sport, and health services.

Our Research Group acts as a hub for academics engaged in research work in psychology and health. It includes researchers involved in changing people’s behaviours in positive ways.

We focus on research work that has an impact outside of academia, and members of our group are engaged in wide ranging inter and multi-disciplinary research in health services, education, sport and other areas of applied behavioural science.

We work in collaboration with external groups such as local councils, pharmacology companies, sports teams, stop smoking services and charities. We also collaborate with academics from other UK universities, as well as internationally.

We hold grants from research councils such as the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), as well as publishing in highly esteemed international peer-reviewed academic and professional journals.

Underpinning the research our members undertake is a blend of qualitative and quantitative orientations, including dual processing models. These allow us to understand fully the core issues that we are investigating.

Our key areas of strength in the Applied Psychology and Behaviour Change Research Group are in neuropsychobiology, health and psychological interventions, forensic psychology, developmental psychology, applied cognition and performance, parapsychology and social, critical and community psychology.


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