2016/17 HIP Festival

For the 2016/17 Humanities in Public festival had a slightly different approach. Instead of having three separate strands, all of the year’s events explored the same topic: Greater Manchester and Northern Identity

Northern Identity

2015/16 HIP Festival

For the 2015/16 Humanities in Public festival we highlighted three themes... WAR, SEX and WORLD

Season One: WAR

Season Two: SEX

Season Three: WORLD

2014/15 HIP Festival

For the 2014/15 Humanities in Public festival we presented five strands of events and activities: Animal Worlds, Contesting Youth, Human Trouble: Dis/Ability, Multilingual Life and Future Histories.

2014/15 Humanities in Public Festival

2013/14 HIP Festival

2013/14 was the first-ever Humanities in Public Festival. The subjects covered included; gothic film, books and media; globalisation and world citizenship; women and feminism; plastic surgery and body modification; and the environment and our sense of place.

2013/14 Humanities in Public Festival