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This year’s programme had a slightly different approach. Instead of having three separate strands, all of this year’s events explored the same topic: Greater Manchester and Northern Identity. This was part of a broader university-wide set of events exploring D/Evolving Manchester.‌ The programme included our Gothic Manchester Festival, which returned in 2017 with a theme close to our fast-beating Mancunian hearts: “The Gothic North.”

Manchester is a city recognised globally as a centre for business, sport and culture. And while it is, now, easy to be proud of our city, its worldly reputation and our status as Mancunians, Manchester was not always like this. Before 1996, Manchester was not quite so well known internationally.

An IRA bomb hit Manchester twenty years ago, on 15th June 1996, and shook the city and its identity to its very core. The destruction caused by the bomb stimulated rapid regeneration of the city centre, resulting in massive investment and major changes to the layout and fabric of the city centre. The people of Manchester were keen to rebuild their city and show their resilience in the face of destruction.

Since then, Manchester has grown – in terms of both its culture and its economy, as well as the two intertwined – into the UK’s second metropolitan centre. Manchester has taken its place on a global stage and become a global brand: cool, hip, cutting-edge.

In light of Brexit and the Devolution agenda, we now find ourselves on the verge of Manchester’s next stage of progressive development. As the city at the forefront of the Northern Powerhouse agenda, it is clear Manchester has a lot to offer.  But how can our identity as Northern and Mancunian help to protect our region against the anxieties currently engulfing  the nation and ensure that Devolution is a success?

While our events acted as a celebration of every one of Manchester’s 10 boroughs and the different components of Manchester’s identity – including LGBT culture, sport, music and literature to name a few – they will also posed the question ‘what’s next?’ for our city and its neighbouring regions.

We were delighted to present D/Evolving Manchester: Greater Manchester and Northern Identity. We hope you enjoyed celebrating, exploring and quite simply reminding ourselves of the many faces of Manchester that have made us into the city we are today.

2016/17 events:


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PR in Manchester

17th October, 6pm - 9pm, Number 70 Oxford St

First in a series of film events dedicated to one of Manchester's best friends, artist and political activist Paul Robeson, PR IN MANCHESTER put the spotlight on the local legendary fondness for musicals and reveal little known historical connections between Manchester and the American stage.  

Devolution or (R)evolution?: Debating a Constitution for Manchester

4th November, 12 noon - 3pm, Business School

This event explored the appetite for a constitution for the region amongst local agencies, businesses and voluntary agencies.

Straight Outta Manchester: Youth Culture and Music, Contributions to the (G)local Manchester Brand

1st December, 6pm - 8pm, Geoffrey Manton

This public lecture was be in the form of a panel discussion focusing on the role that Manchester music, fashion and ultimately youth cultures have played in forming the Manchester global (and local) brand image. It also focused on how youth cultures stemming from Manchester may have acted as catalysts for the associated creative and entertainment economies that Manchester is globally renowned for. 

Beyond Babel Multilingual Film Festival

8th and 9th February 8, 6pm - 9pm, Geoffrey Manton

With the aim of bringing together different communities and audiences, the 3rd edition of Beyond Babel showcased multilingual films that may raise questions about cultural differences, multilingualism, homeland, education, global citizenship, mobility, immigration, integration and identity.

Paul Robeson in China

16th February, 12 noon - 3pm, The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

Paul Robeson in China looked the (mis)representations of Chinese people in theatre (inc. Yellow Face Theatre) and films from a local perspective - using Paul Robeson's learning journey and identity quest as starting point.

Sites of Resistance: Speaking Truth to Power

9th March, 5.30pm - 8.30pm, Number 70 Oxford St

This session considered the role of the documentary film maker in supporting challenges against injustice. The session included the screening and discussion of sections of recent documentaries which reveal the criminalisation of certain communities, and instances of injustice by the State. 

Sites of Resistance: Collective Thought and Action

16th March, 6pm - 8pm, Number 70 Oxford St

This panel session considered the potential value of linking struggles for justice across a range of different issues or events, and specifically the role of the academic who may work alongside campaigners and activists. 

Sites of Resistance: Giving Voice to the Next Generation

23rd March, 6pm - 8pm, Number 70 Oxford St

The final session provided an activist space within which young people from local communities impacted by crime and criminalisation can make their contribution to the debate.

‌Manchester as Cosmopolis: Global Migration in a Changing UK

10th May, 9am – 3.30pm, Number 70 Oxford St

‌Manchester has a long history of migration both local and global, transforming its culture, economy and the city. This event was a One Day Symposium on Global Migration to put forth a number of perspectives on how global skilled migration affects the local economy and society in the context of devolution, public spending and policy choices. Included a keynote by Professor Saskia Sassen, The University of Columbia.

Free tickets and more information available at: https://manchester-as-cosmopolis.eventbrite.com

‌Paul Robeson in Spain

11th May, 6pm – 8pm, People’s History Museum

Last in a series of film events showcasing Manchester's spirit of friendship, Paul Robeson in Spain explored both the evolution of Paul Robeson's working class consciousness in Manchester and his role as (glocal) historian of the Spanish Civil War. 

Free tickets and more information available at: https://pr-in-spain.eventbrite.com

‌‌Red Cities: A Boundary-Crossing Walk and Pub Quiz

12th May, 3pm – 9pm, People’s History Museum, Working Class Movement Library, and The Crescent

You joined us as we walked from central Manchester to the heart of Salford, passing landmarks of the two cities' radical past. Along the way, Salford historian and journalist Tony Flynn regaled us with tales of Manchester and Salford's history. Our journey culminated at renowned Salford drinking venue the Crescent, where we hosted a pub quiz centring on the two cities' radical heritage.

Free tickets and more information available at: https://red-cities.eventbrite.com

‌Manchester Modernists: GM10, Part 1

27th May, 10am – 5.30pm, Tour will begin at Grosvenor Sq

In conjunction with The Modernist Society, this event wasbe the first of two bus tours of landmark 20th Century buildings in each of the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester. The first tour featured the first 5 boroughs. We took public suggestions for landmark buildings at https://gm-10.org/

£11.21 tickets and more information available at: https://manchester-modernists-tour.eventbrite.com 

‌The Lapsed Clubber and MDMA present: It's Alright, A Celebration of Manchester’s Rave Heritage 1985-1995

10th June, 2pm – 6pm, Number 70 Oxford St

A one-off collaborative event which explored what it means to grow up and grow old with rave culture in Greater Manchester. 'It's Alright' was an immersive experience with curated spaces dedicated to celebrating different aspects of the rave scene. You were invited to join a panel discussion, take part in a quiz, and listen to tunes by some of Manchester’s finest DJs, all of that whilst jointly mapping out Manchester’s rave culture between 1985 and 1995.

Free tickets and more information available at: https://manchester-rave-heritage.eventbrite.com

Has Manchester Betrayed Its Radical Traditions?

15th June, 6.30pm - 8pm, Number 70 Oxford St

Jonathan Schofield gave a potted history of Manchester’s incredible record of radicalism from the English Civil War through Peterloo, Chartism, Free Trade, Female Suffrage, Unemployed Protest in the Great Depression, the Mass Trespass, Clause 28 protests and on to 2017. But in the second decade of the 21st century is the fire still in the belly? Has the atomization of the digital world into global groups rather than local and regional put out those flames? In a time of great upheaval how come the response appears so dampened?

Free tickets and more information available at: https://radical-manchester-traditions.eventbrite.com

‌Shelagh Delaney's Places: Double Bill Screening

17th June, 12pm – 6pm, Number 70 Oxford St

This one-off event presented films of two screenplays by Salford-born Shelagh Delaney: her short film, 'The White Bus' (Dir. Lindsay Anderson, 1967) and 'Charlie Bubbles' (Dir. Albert Finney, 1967). The films were preceded with an introductory talk by Manchester Modernist Stephen Marland, and were followed by a specially convened panel of Delaney enthusiasts.

Free tickets and more information available at: https://delaney-double-bill.eventbrite.com

‌Manchester Voices Launch Event

22nd June, 5pm – 8pm, Manchester Central Library

Manchester Voices is an ongoing project investigating and celebrating the accents, dialects, and people of Greater Manchester. It looks at the ways in which our use of language makes us who we are and explores perceptions of the way we speak across the region. Following a successful tour of the ten boroughs in our Accent Van, we launched an interactive exhibition where you can hear voices from across the region and listen to people talking about themselves and their communities, the way they speak, and their sense of local and regional identity.

Free tickets and more information available at: https://manchester-voices.eventbrite.com

‌Manchester Modernists: GM10, Part 2

24th June, 10am – 5.30pm, Tour will begin at Grosvenor Sq

In conjunction with The Modernist Society, this event was the second of two bus tours of landmark 20th Century buildings in each of the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester. We  accepted public suggestions for landmark buildings at https://gm-10.org/

£11.21 tickets and more information available at: https://manchester-modernists-part2.eventbrite.com