The Manchester Centre for Regional History (MCRH) was set up in 1998 with the aim of building upon the University’s research strengths in the history of Manchester and the North-West of England, and has a particular commitment to community history.

manchester centre for regional history logoThe Centre organises events which bring together history scholars, practitioners and enthusiasts, and encourages collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects with a broad range of institutions, groups and individuals who are interested in innovative research into communities, localities, and regions.

Seminars, Talks and Conferences

The Centre is keen to promote activities that bridge the gap between academic history and the public, through links with schools, colleges, local history organisations, museums, archives and libraries, and develop research initiatives that meet the needs of communities in the north west of England. The Centre has particularly strong expertise in oral history, and provides training and support to groups undertaking oral history projects.

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MCRH enjoys the support of the 'Friends of the MCRH', who organise regular talks on aspects of the region’s history.

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The Centre produces the Manchester Region History Review, the region’s leading local history magazine with its wide range of articles covering all aspects of the region’s history.

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