History - short courses

  • A Good War? America's World War II at Home and Abroad, c. 1938-47
  • Britain, Ireland and the Crusades
  • Britain & World Politics Since 1918: Aspects of British Foreign Policy
  • Case Studies in Controversy: History and Memory in Public
  • Cultures of consumption: The British at Home, 1660-1830
  • From Historical Fact to Contemporary Fiction
  • Nobles, States and Society: The Transformation of European Elites, 1400-1800
  • Northern Identities and Victorian Culture
  • Professional Heritage Practice
  • The Second Crusade: Holy War on the Periphery of Latin Christendom
  • Whose History is it Anyway?


Politics - short courses

  • Contemporary US Foreign Policy
  • Current Issues in Media and Communication
  • Digital Rights
  • Europe in Turmoil
  • Globalisation: Media, Culture and Consumption
  • International Relations Theory
  • The Policy-Making Process