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Public Services at Manchester Metropolitan University is at the forefront of research and teaching on the governance, management and delivery of services in the public and private sector and civil society. The team’s expertise includes public sector management, housing and health policy, community and civil society service delivery and crisis and disaster planning.

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The EachStep Blackley Dementia Café

Football legends Lou Macari, former star of Manchester United, Celtic and Scotland, and Alex Williams MBE, former Manchester City goalkeeper, took part in a special event helping people affected by dementia reconnect with their footballing memories.

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White Rose Consortium for the North of England (WRCN) Workshop: ‘The Political Economy of the Northern Powerhouse’.

Thursday 12 November 2015 at the University of Sheffield

Kiernan, A. and A. May ‘From Cottonpolis to the creative industries: The Importance of Popular Culture in the “Northern Powerhouse”’

DevoManc Workshop

Wednesday 18th November 2015, 10am – 3pm, Geoffrey Manton building, Manchester Metropolitan University
Part of the national Parliament Week (16th – 22nd November 2015) Workshops are open to all levels and with invitations to local public services college and sixth form students.

Following Chancellor George Osborne’s announcement in 2015 that his government planned to foster a ‘northern powerhouse’ in the North of England, this event examines the key issues and organisations involved in this initiative, and the implications for cities such as Manchester. The Northern Powerhouse agenda raises questions, in terms of devolution, regional and national governance, regeneration, and the role of public services, the voluntary sector, businesses and communities in these areas. For example, would harnessing the economic strength of cities such as Manchester increase regional power, or would this simply strengthen existing inequalities? What would the role for communities be in the potential economic development of these areas? Does the northern powerhouse have implications for governance nationally, and might it hasten an English Parliament, as well as the advent of devolution in areas across the North of England?

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