BA (Hons) Public Services

Police Officer

My degree prepared me for a career in the police force.

About my career

After studying public services at college, I chose to study at MMU as I wanted to carry on my studies and interests in the public sector. The University held traditional principles and ethics in the way subjects were taught, while continuing to be motivated by new ways of thinking not just in the topics that are taught but also in the set- up of the institution, which is now evident through the building of new campuses. This was proof that I had selected the right University, where I was going to thrive and be successful.

I chose the BA (Hons) in Public Services because the course focused on the heart of the public services that we see every day, and how world events and on-going issues effect the public sector.  The degree gave me the freedom and encouragement to direct my studies and research in areas that took my interest, especially when it came to the final year dissertation.

The course also offered the opportunity of a sandwich placement year, which would give me the chance to get that much needed work experience for a graduate role. It greatly improved my career prospects as it gave me the ability to research, analyse and scrutinise information on a consistent level. I also gained vital work experience, which when I graduated, gave me an advantage over other candidates when applying for jobs.

During my year in industry, I was employed by a local housing association as a Support Officer. This experience taught me vital skills both for work and my studies, and meant when I returned to University I worked more efficiently. My year of work meant I was able to give detail and practical experiences when producing essays and research, which complimented many of the theories I studied in my final year.

I had always intended to join the Police after graduating however due to the recession most police forces stopped recruitment. Instead, I gained a position at a local solicitors firm and later moved on to a role as a Residential Care Worker for high-demand young people and people with learning disabilities. During that time, I was able to become a volunteer Special Constable. My policing experience allowed me to gain more responsibility in my Residential Care Worker role, a position I found very engaging and rewarding.

After two years, I decided to move on from both my positions as a Special Constable and Residential Care Worker and took a frontline police role as a Police Community Support Officer. I am now serving as a Police Officer, working as part of a team responding to emergency incidents as directed by the control room. I also investigate crimes allocated to me by a Sergeant, while also interviewing suspects in custody, liaising with victims of crime and partner agencies, building case files for court, patrolling regular crime hot spots and essentially reassuring members of the public by providing a high visibility presence. My degree prepared me for a career in the police force. The University gave me the necessary skills to be able to read large amounts of in-depth and sometimes complicated information. I am also able to accurately detail actions taken, write accurate and suitable statements and manage and prioritise workloads.

My top tip for students is…

Be sure to stay aware of what is happening across the country and in the world; these events do have an impact on politics, social theory and the public sector. I say this because many of the seminars that lecturers provide to compliment lectures will discuss these things and will help when writing essays. I find this particularly important because many public employers now want candidates to have a good understanding of current events, so it is worthwhile developing this interest as it will help your future employability.

I’m inspired by…

The course tutors, who had a variety of professional experiences working in different public sector services, impressed me.

Why I love Manchester Metropolitan University

To me, MMU was an institution that was forward thinking.