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Amelia Marshall

BA History

"Studying History at MMU has surpassed my expectations in every way. I have been given the opportunity to broaden my historical awareness in a variety of different time periods."

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Anthony Kollie

MA International Relations and Global Communications

"As a result of the level of confidence I have developed since being here, I am working on doing a PhD after my masters."

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Zoe Willock

MA Public History & Heritage (Part time)

"As a mature student, I have thoroughly enjoyed both my undergraduate and postgraduate experiences – proof that it’s never too late to learn"

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Sophie Farrar

BA (Hons) Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

"I appreciate the support networks Man Met provides, from career advice and support to sports and events at the union and one to one help on your work form your tutors. They are there for you!"

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Sarah Bottomley

BA (Hons) Social History with Foundation Year

“University is the perfect time to take opportunities, throw yourself into a subject you love and experiment with everything!”

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Mohannad Taha

BA (Hons) International Politics

"My lecturers always encourage me to, at the very least, acknowledge all relevant perspectives towards any subject matter when analysing situations. I have tried to apply this emphasis to careful, rational judgement to all aspects of life."

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Mancyia Uddin

BA (Hons) International Politics

"What I like most about my course is that it really has opened my eyes to the world around me; I look at things so differently now. This dynamic world we live in is constantly changing and I love how my degree keeps up with this."

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Jonathan Harper

BA (Hons) History

"The support that tutors provide is excellent and having office drop in hours is great"

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Jenna Alston

BA (Hons) Philosophy

"There is so much scope with all the topics covered by philosophy and it links beautifully with so many subjects that it feels like you’re not only doing a degree in philosophy but that you are also partaking in history, psychology and many other topics."

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Gemma Clarke

BA (Hons) History

"Last year, during my first year, I was active in the Ancient History and Classics society, partaking in charity events, socials and trips – including one to Rome!"

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Emma Grayson

BA (Hons) History and Sociology

"I adore studying humanities, as the study of people is so diverse and throws up so much intriguing information. I feel at home studying topics where there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer and that events are open to interpretation."

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Ellie Johnson-Morris

BA (Hons) History

“Choosing your degree is just the beginning. You may not know what career you want to go into but that doesn’t matter because you will be introduced to so many new and interesting topics that will help you find your way.”

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Dominic Barron-Carter

BA (Hons) Philosophy

"My capacity to manage time efficiently and study independently improved tremendously as a result of my degree"

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Charlotte Jeal

BA (Hons) History

"I really liked the second year module History in Practice, which gave me the opportunity to do a placement and work in an archive for the year, it was real life insight into what jobs are available for a history student."

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Carwyn Savins

BA (Hons) Public Services

"Opportunities are given to me daily to improve my employability, give me more experience or even do my own research instead of having to sit in front of a screen all the time like other courses"

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