Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

A pioneering partnership to integrate clinical practice and academic research

Leading together to deliver excellent healthcare and education to shape the future of communities.

Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Met) and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (PCFT), through a joint venture, will deliver excellence in research, innovation, workforce development and education to promote a progressive mental health and community wellbeing agenda.

The Partnership Board has agreed the following two workstreams:

Research, Quality Improvement and Innovation

Education and Workforce Development

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Expected Partnership results


  Improved health outcomes within community settings


  Integration of research and innovation into practice


  Evidence-based quality and service improvements


Partnership Highlights

Despite being a new partnership, a number of projects have already started which highlight the commitment to ensure improved health outcomes within mental health and community settings.

Professional Doctorate Scholarships

Creating research, innovation and education opportunities for staff represents a valuable element of the Partnership. We have launched a Professional Doctorate Scholarship Scheme and offered three fully funded places to members of staff within PCFT at Manchester Met.

The successful candidates and projects, are as follows:

Liz McCoy

Liz McCoy

Drug and Alcohol Directorate Manager, whose area of research is to explore, describe and quantify the impact of substance use within populations with a primary Mental Health diagnosis (including Personality Disorders) and vice versa for substance misuse clients. Her research will evaluate the impact of substance use and misuse on services and develop interventions to improve outcomes.

Ben Woffenden

Ben Woffenden

Complaints Manager, whose area of research is to explore the most effective means of delivering service improvements within the NHS based on patient and carer experience feedback, which is frequently provided in narrative form. Ben will seek to understand current barriers to translating feedback into service improvements and the most effective means to overcome them.

Victoria Jordan

Victoria Jordan

Capital Projects and Design Officer, whose area of research is to investigate how to create better therapeutic environments across mental health services. Her research will evaluate whether better environments have a positive impact on reducing violence and aggression and improving overall recovery.

How can you get involved?

We’d love to hear from you about ideas you have around the Partnership and how you would like to get involved.

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