Degree Apprenticeships

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Our Degree Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to nurture your own talent, or recruit new talent, in partnership with one of the UK's most popular universities. Our dedicated Degree Apprenticeship team will support you at every step of your journey.

If you’re a student looking to secure a degree apprenticeship, you will need to apply for a position with one of our partner employers. Visit our vacancy page to find out more.

We offer a number of degree apprenticeships, with our Health & Social Care apprenticeships including:-

Advanced Clinical Practitioner Masters Degree Apprenticeship (1028 x 300 px)

Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Masters)

The Advanced Clinical Practitioner Masters Degree Apprenticeship is a programme for experienced clinicians seeking to progress their professional practice, delivering effective end-to-end patient care.

Clinicians who enrol on the programme will undertake university and practice-based learning to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of an Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

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Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (Health and Social Care Management) (1024 x 300 px)

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (Health and Social Care Management)

Build a team of highly effective health and social care management professionals at your organisation with our Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (Health and Social Care Management).

This new route has been developed by the University in close collaboration with NHS trusts, local authorities and other healthcare providers. It will support your participants to take a leading role in driving improvements in the delivery of care, and to understand the strategic challenges facing the NHS and wider health and care delivery.

The accelerated two-year programme has been designed to recognise the significant previous experience of many in the health and social care sector. It will give your staff the chance to achieve a BA (Hons) Business Management Professional bachelors degree alongside professional accreditation with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

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Social Worker Degree Apprenticeship (1024 x 300 px)

Social Worker

The Social Worker Degree Apprenticeship prepares participants for the challenging, complex and rewarding world of social work. It explores the role of social workers within the context of people, society and ethics, to develop confident social work professionals. It builds resilience, encourages problem solving, and embeds a collaborative approach to improving peoples' lives.

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