Saturday, 2 February 2019

– Sunday, 3 February 2019


Combined Movement Theory: Mobilisation and Manipulation - Cervical

Brooks Building

Are you looking to develop your skills outside of working hours?

Use this unique opportunity to learn combined movements from world-renowned physio, Chris McCarthy.

This course covers:

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Saturday Session: 9 – 5pm (registration from 8.30)

The first day introduces the Assessment Principles and Treatment Selection or Progression, in addition to a practical session, which includes:

To the end of the day there will be a discussion of Passive Movement, Regular Patterns, Irregular Patterns, Manipulations and Treatments.

Sunday session: 9 – 4pm (registration from 8.30)

The second day will include a lecture to introduce Manipulation, Cervical Artery Considerations and Selection of Techniques, and a second practical session, including:

To conclude, there will be a summative discussion of Manipulations and Progression of Treatments.

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This CPD course also runs in May 2019; click here to see more dates.

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