Integrated Health and Social Care

A partnership working model

Welcome to the Manchester City region

Manchester was the world’s first industrial city and birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Now, 200 years later, the city is drawing on this rich heritage to reshape itself for the 21st century. Digitally connected, pioneering and bold, the city is leading advances in health, education, workforce development, technology and innovation.

Working with the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care

Driving improvements: integrating health and social care. Constructing a better world

People are living longer, yet our increased longevity places a strain on the systems and processes required to keep us healthy and active. It is clear that we need better integration of health and social care services to deliver improvements in and health outcomes.

Vision for the Future

To achieve the integration of health and social care through interdisciplinary research, professional education and knowledge exchange, putting people and communities at the centre. Building on the regional strengths of our Greater Manchester location in human and biomedical sciences, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, behaviour change, precision medicine and diagnostics to create a resilient health and social care workforce, able to deliver integrated place based care.

Integrated health and social care: our partnership model

Our vision is for health and social care to simply become care – care that sustainably meets individual and wider population needs to start well, live well and age well. Partnership is fundamental to our approach to integrated health and social care. We work with the very best providers both in the UK and overseas to deliver a world-class higher education experience for all our students. Our location at the heart of Corridor Manchester, the centre of the city’s knowledge economy, enables us to provide unique educational programmes that deliver a committed, flexible and integrated health and social care workforce driving innovation and adoption across the sector.

A leading provider of health and social care education, we are uniquely placed to shape the future of the region.

We are proud of our existing international links within and are committed to extending the transnational work of our award-winning programmes and innovative research. We are recognised as influencers and opinion formers in the WHO-designated ‘Age-friendly’ Manchester City region.

100% of our impact in health and education research is independently rated world-leading and internationally excellent.

The business of health and social care education

Working in collaboration with colleagues across the University, city and internationally, we are developing models of healthcare delivery and care pathways across a range of clinical areas and expertise. We have developed challenging, modern educational leadership programmes designed to prepare our future health, social care, clinical and care professionals for the changing world of healthcare delivery. We are leaders in the development of health technologies, equipment, knowledge and professional standards that improve healthcare delivery in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, dementia support, communication disability, behaviour change, clinical and care education.

Professor Malcolm Press

“We are a University with the drive and spirit of a great global city.

The Devolution Manchester agenda offers a superb opportunity to shape the future of Health and Social Care services in the region. Our location as part of Corridor Manchester and our established partnerships will enable us to push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring innovation and developing new and enduring collaborations across the sector. Our ultimate aim is to provide not only an exceptional student experience but to have a lasting impact on the region through applied research, raised aspiration and improved healthcare outcomes.”

Professor Alison Chambers

"Our vision is to be a leading global provider of health and human science higher education.

To be engaged in applied research and knowledge exchange, which contributes to the integration of health and social care systems through innovative education, consultancy and partnership with the very best UK and International health and social care providers. We will have a focus on biomedical, bioengineering and the human dimensions of population, health and wellbeing. Our expertise in public health and in the leadership and management of health systems and care delivery enables us to offer a comprehensive workforce training education portfolio, across the full range of health and social care delivery, from molecule to community development. Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the future design, development and delivery of an integrated care system, which ultimately improves the health, and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.”